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  1. N

    Payment solution for prize competition platform

    Hi everyone, I am looking for a reliable payment gateway for a prize competition platform where users can win cars, watches, holidays and more. The project is similar to BOTB.com Some PSP's do not support the business model and its probably because they're seeing spot the ball game as...
  2. lrotter

    PSP FOR Crypto exchange website

    Hello members! Looking fir good card payment accepting providers (PSPs) for the platform of the licensed crypto exchange. Basically, need adequate % and rolling reserve, easy integration and trusted solution. Exchange is fully licensed, Estonian, AML at place, as well as life-time verification...
  3. V

    What the data of my card payment can see merchant?

    Hello. For example, I'm going to pay online with my debit card, the merchant asks me ONLY numbers, date and cvc. Can merchant see my full name? Processing is through STRIPE
  4. libicap

    Payment processors that accept UAE entity for e-Commerce business

    Hello, we have just set up a UAE entity for our e-Commerce shop (consumer electronics and gadgets). We have tried the main-stream ones: Telr, Network International, PayTab, waiting for PayFort's response, but seems like they do not take consumer electronics business IF we are selling outside the...
  5. S


    Hello, We run a educational/consulting business on the stock market in Canada. Its been a real pain trying to find a merchant account ever since Striped kicked us off after a year for being too "high-risk" for them. And there's not so many high-risk merchants that support a Canadian business...
  6. N

    Subscription Service Credit Card

    Hi, my first post on the forum! I love this community beacuse take topics that in other forums no exists. I want to introduce my first post in a question about Credit Card Processing Service with Recurring Billing. I want to make a movie service subscrition per month like netflix, i have used...
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