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New member

Can somebody please advise me a good provider to open a Scotland LP company and european bank/ merchant account ?
I´ve searched in the forum, but unfortunately can´t see any advice for trustable company that provide the service for Scotland.

Thank you in advance and good business to all.



hannibal the cannibal
I'm looking for the same but would like some input from first hand experienced users and not any service provider of incorporation services :)


New member
Yes auric, i search the net also and plenty of providers telling that do the job, the problem is , they really do the job in the time window expected, or even better, they do the job or scam people ?!
Gibraltar can also be an option, any advice please ?


New member
Really confused now, newbie questions, pressure to build the structure but need to create the correct one so no problems arrive and for sure you guys can give me insigths and explanation :

- I´m EU citizen, if i open an offshore cyprus company will the company pay taxes (no trading business in cyprus) ?
- Regarding double taxation , how can i protect related to this ?

Thank you for your help.


New member
After all explanations will open company with, will post my experience here in order help other forum users.
Thank @Admin for the support really appreciated.


New member
all sent, payment made, let´s see how it goes now with . Waiting the confirmation since yesterday, a bit anxious to be honest for the reply. But let´s wait and trust that everything is going be ok.
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