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  1. S

    Portugal tax resident under NHR + US LLC

    Hey there, SWIM is a Portuguese tax resident under the NHR scheme and lives in Portugal for at least 6 months a year. SWIM is doing independent advisory work for companies outside of Portugal to the tune of 6 figures USD per year. How viable is it for SWIM to set up an entity such as Delaware...
  2. T

    Is it possible to create an offshore company in someone else's name?

    Hi guys. I'm currently living in Austria and I'm getting blasted by high taxes. I'm originally from Romania where taxes in my bracket are at least half of what I pay now. I can't move back to Romania yet, but I was thinking if it's possible to set up a company in Romania on a friend or someone...
  3. N

    Does using offshores raise red flags? Are there alternatives for day traders?

    Hello Offshore Corp'ers I have been day trading cryptos for multiple years now and recently started to investigating offshore companies. Everything sounds very good, even a bit too good, as they are easy and cheap to create and run. My concern is that will they raise red flags on tax...
  4. N

    Offshore personal non EU bank account remotely

    As an EU citizen and resident, where can I open a regular current account (not private banking) outside the EU, remotely? Any bank in any country is highly appreciated! Preferably without introducer but if there is no other option, that's fine, too.
  5. Shories

    Mentor Group Gold - AD Thread! Revolutionizing Offshore and Onshore Services with Shories

    Hello everyone, What is Shories? Shories is an upcoming project in the offshore and onshore world. You can see our website at: Shories: New Era of Offshore and Onshore. The idea of Shories is to modernize and renovate the offshore and onshore world by creating an online platform to ease all...
  6. M

    Question - what is the best country to get a license to start a Exchange without KYC?

    Hi, We are interested in starting up our CEX, but would like to be able to work without any KYC. Any advice about which countries are the best for this purpose?
  7. D

    Need some advice with my first offshore company (newbie edition)

    Hey guys. My name's Daniel. I'm new to this forum and a total newbie in the offshore industry. I'm looking for some advice. I want to create an offshore LLC (or something better if you recommend) for some of my digital companies and money earned online. I basically want my profits earned from...
  8. G

    Hello from Sweden! Complicated situation

    Hello guy! I am glad to find this amazing forum. I wonder if anywone have tips how i can set up my company structure for optimal TAX planing. I have a TAX advisor right now but he is a pussy and can not think outside the box. My situation: i have 4 compnays, i live in sweden and i pay way...
  9. N

    IT LLC to offshore

    Hi all! I have an italian LLC and need an advice how to get the money out of 70% tax rate. the costs should be low, the anonymity high and out of CRS (think thats important). i also need a bank account from a solid known bank with credit/debit card if possible but its not a must. also there...
  10. M

    How do I off-ramp crypto yield generated by company? Your feedback please?

    Hello everyone, I am a Dutch passport holder and have an online marketing company in the Netherlands. I have converted a bit of fiat into crypto using a Dutch EMI a few years ago, which has since changed its policy and is now not crypto-friendly anymore. I am considering staking this crypto to...
  11. T

    Risk of using an employer of records (EOR)

    Hi everyone, I'm a business owner with a company based in the U.S., but I currently reside in Europe. I'm exploring the possibility of using an EOR (Employer of Record) to help manage my employment status in the European country where I reside. I would like to hire myself to have a local...
  12. BritishSecret

    Help please with my offshore notes

    Hey everyone here's my notes about offshore related things, as always please let know what needs changing/improving, I'll make individual posts about each category as well, so I can get lots of views and hopefully lots of help, thanks all Places for Trusts Cayman Islands – International...
  13. J

    Best way to purchase bitcoin with EMI debit cards? (wise, payoneer)

    What is the safest way to buy crypto with EMI debit cards from wise or payoneer? minimizing the account lock risk as they restrict buying crypto.
  14. V

    LLC beneficial ownership anonymity to reduce starting January 1, 2024

    The US says that newly created LLCs will stop being anonymous by 2024 and those already created until 2025. What do you think of this? Do I have to go to Belize again? https://finneylawfirm.com/corporate-and-llc-beneficial-ownership-anonymity-to-reduce-starting-january-1-2014/
  15. V

    Looking for open a offshore business bank account

    Hello, I want to open a corporate bank account online for my software development company. I've been trying to open an account with several banks, but unfortunately, my applications have been rejected. My company is registered in the British Virgin Islands, and our BOs live in European...
  16. M

    UK Ltd. company and UK residence - Tax optimisation

    Hello, I am trying to optimise my business and reduce the tax burden as much as possible. Your help would be most appreciated. My company is registered in the UK and I have a UK residence. My company is selling online services and digital products and it's trading for just shy of £85,000 a...
  17. A

    remote formation of non resident company + utility bill + paypal business account + bank account - is it possible?

    hi looking to open REMOTELY: non resident company + utility bill + paypal business account + bank account (not EMI) i dont care which country as long as all above are rules are met. is this even possible these days?
  18. R

    Question Best setup for Onlyfans income

    Hi! To keep it short, I’m Thai, my partner is EU, we are making $5k+ on OF a month but expect to grow it a lot more in the coming months due to hiring an agency. We would like to go back to Thailand for a year or two where SW isn’t exactly legal so we would like to receive the income and pay tax...
  19. C

    Best place for crypto activities, consulting company, NFT trading (ROMANIA or BULGARIA or something else)?

    Hi, I'm considering to move to a more tax efficient place with low cost of living to start crypto businesses & consulting companies also take my profits from crypto/NFT trading. I lived in romania for a while and I like it but I'm curious about bulgaria or any other country with low cost of...
  20. P

    Buy Cyprus property through US LLC?

    I want to buy an investment property in Cyprus. Owning additional properties personally is not an option for me, so I must own through a company. Cyprus companies are quite expensive, and time-consuming to set up. Around 1.5k+ EUR to set up, taking around 2 weeks. Then around 2.5k EUR minimum...