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  1. Dread Pirate Roberts

    Buying property with an offshore shell company

    Hello. I'm a bit new to all this offshore stuff, but I'm planning on opening an offshore shell company in Belize or Seychelles, and I'd like to know if I could buy property with them? For example, could I anonymously buy a house with my shell company's name here in America? Same thing with cars...
  2. M

    Wyoming LLC clarification

    Hi all, I was considering a Wyoming offshore LLC. I am a non-US citizen. However, I came across this article where the author claims that one needs to form 2 different LLCs in case one is not really in Wyoming. The example he gave was that of a person named "Steven" who lived in California and...
  3. ReMida

    Italian resident -->New Online Business (All outside Italy!) - New company but where? HELP!

    Hello! It's some days i'm reading all around the forum, I found very interesting users and topics, now i'm looking for some additional information! Let me explain.. ITALIAN SITUATION: Resident and working in Italy, since 9 years i have an Italian Company (Srl/LLC) for my Italian business -->...
  4. M

    Dual Citizenship and Offshore

    Hello guys, Thanks for all the value bombs you’re sharing here! I’d like to ping your mind about my situation : I’ve got dual citizenships and I’m living in my origin country. I don’t have the right to open a company abroad (stupid law of my origin country as I’m fiscally resident here)...
  5. C

    UK tax resident moved to Colombia - how to plan tax strategy

    Hello and merry christmas! I indefinitely moved to Colombia a few months ago, I am a UK citizen that runs a solo member UK LTD offering consultancy services. Most of my clients are based in the states. Since corporation and personal income taxes are very high here what would be the best setup...
  6. T

    Non-dom USA C-Corp - expenses

    Hi, Can a non-Dom USA C-Corp have expenses abroad? Basically, I am not American. I have a USA C-Corp and live in Dubai. I’d like to pass some expenses on my business in the US but I’ll be purchasing the equipment here in UAE. Right now I need a computer and a phone. Is this fine with the IRS...
  7. P

    Companies who register offshore in Carribean

    Dear all, I am planing to launch my company who does incorporations of offshore companies, So I am looking partners who would help me to do this, bear in mind I am not looking for middle man, but someone who would help me to do all the registry . Maybe someone of you knows partners who does...
  8. O

    Freelancer company

    Hi! I am looking for a place to set up a company. I am a freelancer and need the most optimal way of structuring it. The turnover of the company will be up to EUR30K per annum. I am an EU citizen (Romania) (no, I do not want to set up a company in Romania as I do not live there). I intend...
  9. W

    Effective place of management and CFC laws

    Hello everyone, I am a cryptocurrency trader and looking to set up an offshore company to better manage the profits. I have done a lot of research and Malta or BVI look the most promising. From what I understand, Malta would be 11.66% tax on crypto gains with a 2 company (holding and trading)...
  10. M

    Question Germany EMI bank account

    Hi Everyone, EU citizen but not from germany and I would like to know if there are any EMI's or banks, like N26 had before that issues germany bank account with simple verification, selfie included or even without selfie, only ID and from a different EU country. Many thanks.
  11. O

    Question Non-Operating New Mexico LLC for Domain Ownership Requirements

    I am planning to create an LLC/corporation as cheaply as possible, with virtual office/mail forwarding address and all the additional services included, so that this entity can appear as the contact in all the WHOIS information for the domains I currently own. My current domain registrar...
  12. Dread Pirate Roberts

    How can I exchange large amounts of Monero for cash?

    Thanks to some luck and some work, I'm going to be receiving a large sum of Monero soon. I've been wondering, is it possible for me to get cash in exchange for it somewhere? I know that cryptocurrency ATMs exist, and I have no problem converting said Monero to Bitcoin. I'd prefer any method I...
  13. F

    Setting up a Marshall Island Company to minimize copyright investigations?

    Hi all, I am reseaching about to setup a Marshall Island Company to minimize the chance getting trouble of using unauthorized digital Content. Note that copyright Owners' won't care unauthorized use of their content. The purpose is to avoid authorities investigation when competitor reports it...
  14. M

    Adult Girl Cam Site

    Hello everybpdy, I'm quite new on the forum, never posted too many things. Well, here's the deal, EU citizen from Spain I'm studyng to launch an Adult Girl cam site. I have many doubts on how to manage the income from the web. In a simple way I've been thinking on creating a company on Spain...
  15. C

    Crypto Liquidation.

    Let's say I made a fair amount of profit from crypto and would like to liquidate to fiat... however CGT is ridiculous here in the UK which is just off putting, I have been living off these profits as well as "hodling" my crypto and just cashing it out p2p into my bank account which has been...
  16. M

    Structure of forex offshore company

    Hello Guys , hope if you are well , would like to ask concerning the structure of an forex offshore company ! I would like to open an offshore company in Dominica for a forex website , I have no idea concerning offshore and the structure , need to know how to do that ?, and I will open a call...
  17. K

    Offshore to hide ownership with ITA residence

    Hello guys! I am going to start dating (possibly adult) business and I have a question. I am reading the forum some days and many questions are clear to my but some stays. Website that I am going to use is not a legit copy, so I want to hide the owner of it from public, but as all psp require to...
  18. oklybusiness

    EMI with a local IBAN in UAE

    Hello Everybody, I'm new here I'd like to know if there's someone who knows an EMI that provides a local IBAN in the United Arab Emirates (USD or Other currency) ? Thank you
  19. T

    Company formation UK tier 4 visa

    I am an Indian citizen and would like to form a company for the purpose of handling payments for a print on demand store. I am currently in the UK on a tier 4visa and hence cannot conduct business / form a company myself. Which country would be the best to form such a company in? I would like to...
  20. K

    Is this legal ? Transfer pricing with a Tax-exempt entity.

    Hello everyone, - I'm French Moroccan (two passports) and I moved to live in Morocco (current fiscal residence). - I have a Tax-exempt company here in Morocco (no corporate taxes on foreign revenue for 4 years) - Dividend taxes 15%. - Instead of invoicing my US/EU clients via the moroccan...
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