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  1. O

    Credit Card Processors with API access for Offshore Companies

    Hello, I would like recommendations on the best Payment Processor for my needs. I live in Malaysia, I have a service-based company incorporated in Belize as an IBC, my Customers are mostly Americans, and my Suppliers are mostly within the EU. I charge my American customers in EUR, pay my EU...
  2. T

    Crypto tax / offshore solution for Thailand

    Hi, I'm looking for clarity on crypto currency taxation in Thailand and possible (offshore) company setups to legally avoid taxes on trading by moving all trading activities into the company. I'm also looking for a way to move any personal crypto holdings into the company without incurring tax...
  3. leitholdnewlands

    I need help with my situation

    Hello everyone! I would like to come to you because I would like to ask for advice with my case. I am currently living in a Latin American country and I am generating more than 50k usd monthly. I have a net worth of over 1md and would like to know if there is a possibility to avoid taxes. I...
  4. saityro

    Best country for a freelancer / digital nomad post-covid

    Hello all! I've been reading the threads for hours and hours and I just got even more confused. So I thought about adding some recent options I saw in the UAE and explaining my personal case just in case somebody has a similar background and found a solution. I have a pretty common background...
  5. S

    Best low tax jurisdiction company+corp bank acc

    Hello everyone, I would like to enquire as to the following: What is the best corporate set up that would allow for hassle free banking for a business that would mainly serve one client, who is a crypto exchange? The service provided would be business development and the exchange may...
  6. B

    Offshore Company in RAK zone UAE + Bank account help

    Hey everyone, a friend of mine currently sells items on Amazon and eBay, I have been speaking with a company in the UAE that have suggested I open a RAK Company with the cost for company formation and bank account opening assistance at approximately £1,800 and then a yearly fee of £1000, the...
  7. cryptoviking

    Guidance on tax setup and asset/income protection in Thailand

    A bit of background: 1. I hold dual nationality (Thai and Danish), last November I secured my Thai passport and have relocated to Thailand in February. 2. I have been traveling for the last 4 years of my life. During this time I was working in the Philippines for a company there. I paid income...
  8. N

    Book recommendations?

    Hey guys, I am really overwhelmed on how much knowledge gets shared here and wanted to ask if someone has book recommendations or generally ideas on how to understand more/ dive deeper into the whole world of offshore companies/ banking. Thanks in advance!!
  9. A2xTrad

    Offshore trading company + broker setup

    Hi everyone, I've been trading stock/options for more than 10 years now as side hobby, and have pretty decent performance over the pervious years. I'm thinking about a setup to do this more "professionally", being able to accept some people funds (not mandatory but big plus), and obviously...
  10. O

    Question INTRODUCTION - bank account opening

    Hello everybody! I'm new here, so I decided to say “Hi” and how I can be useful :) I have a substantial experience in financial consulting industry, especially in: - Company formation and corporate support in EU countries; - Bank introductions for EU/CIS region clients: • business...
  11. J

    Offshore company

    So I have a question let’s say I have a online business that roughly makes 50.000$ Profit a month and I really don’t like how high the tax is where am from. Could I register my online business in example Panama where you don’t have to pay tax and send it to a offshore account. And would this be...
  12. J

    Cash out to offshore bank account

    Hey I would like to cash out my bitcoins and send them to a offshore bank account (no kyc if possible) does anyone have any experience?
  13. E

    Offshore Company to avoid KYC Binance for US citizens

    Hello all, I am interested in creating a company in UAE as an American Citizen. Ideally use this company for enterprise trading on Binance et.al. I would then make myself an employee of this compay and pay myself a US taxable salary while the investment gains / losses are absorbed or reinvested...
  14. W

    Offshore company for receiving payments in crypto

    Hi! I've been searching the posts but still couldn't find an exact answer to my question. I'd like to cash out some crypto bit by bit (5k-10k per month), but without having to discloure my full crypto balance. I currently live in a high-tax country and can't leave it just yet, so I thought that...
  15. C

    Cash to Legimate company cashout ?

    Hi. Lets say I have 25K in cash and i want to make it legimate would this work? I open a company/bank acc offshore and start a website that sells virtual items from games like call of duty or similar through my website , The website will just act as a decoy as I will be purchasing virtual...
  16. M

    Lawyer in Germany for offshore company

    Good evening, everyone. I am new here and i registered myself, because i need some help with advices:) Long story short: i was working in offshore and offshore company awhile, the company is registered in Cyprus, but i was working more than 1 year in German waters and paying taxes(as i thought)...
  17. F

    Best Setup for an Online Brand

    Hello, I'm in the process of building an online brand to sell to customers globally. I'm looking for the best company setup for this case, as i know from the posts here that every case is different. Been looking recently in BEPS tools and many structures, but i found out that OECD have took...
  18. M

    Can I Even Offshore? (UK Citizen, Spanish Resident, US Clients)

    Hello! Hope you're all doing well. I'm a British citizen and I recently-acquired a Spanish residency. I moved here last year. I work on a freelance basis for a company in the US. My income has been hit by Covid and I'm trying to figure out if an offshore company will help mitigate my taxes so I...
  19. I

    HSBC Hong Kong

    We have had a corporate account with HSBC in Hong Kong for more than 10 years. In the past 2-3 years there has been an increase in yearly KYC reviews and occasional questioning on certain transactions. Its gotten to the point in the last 6 months where we can no longer send or receive payments...
  20. O

    Looking for a crypto-exit strategy

    Hello, I am researching what my exit strategies from crypto will be within the next 4-18 months, with portfolio worth $1mm - $2mm. My country is a member of EU (Central Europe) with significant taxation on crypto, I do not want to cash out to fiats here. The CRS and CFC obviously limit my...
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