1. W

    Offshore Formation For Financial Services (Digital Service / product)

    Hi all, I've been looking into setting up an offshore company for a business I'm currently setting up. I will be selling market analysis to subscribers on a monthly (or annual) fee. We will also provide courses in the feature. The monthly fee will be $197, the courses will be around $ 3.997...
  2. F

    Where to temporarily put illegally obtained money

    Hello everyone, hypothetically speaking I wanted to know just out of curiosity how a person should move to convert to Monero illegally obtained money. Starting from the fact that the money will have to be received in a European bank account and the goal of the person is to make them in...
  3. Wize

    Anyone used B.R.I.S Group

    Hi Looking to see if anyone has used Bris-Group ( for company formation or Shelf Company purchases. Would like to here what your experiences were or are?
  4. E

    Please tell my why this particular strategy won't work!

    Let's say you register two companies: 1. Company A in Caymans or another 0% tax jurisdiction that you are sole beneficiary of. 2. Company B in your local country that you are sole beneficiary of. 3. Offshore bank account for Company A. 4. Local bank account for Company B. Your local Company B...
  5. A

    VAT payment at an offshore/domestic company

    Hi guys, First of all, I am very happy for being here. I have got two questions to you and these are connected to each other. So let us face it! :D My 1st question is the following: If I create an offshore company (e.g. in Deleware, Florida or Hong Kong), have I got to pay for the VAT in my...
  6. M

    Apply for a offshore company formation along with offshore bank account

    Hi, I'm a new member and I'd like to know what is the best way to apply for an offshore company formation along with an offshore bank account simultanously! Is there a trusted firm able to able take of every documentation and then deliver the Newly applied offshore company + offshore bank...
  7. I

    Country recommendation offshore for company formation

    I'm setting up an offshore company, and I was hoping you could give me your opinion as in which is the best offshore jurisdictions for my case. The company is online games related. Privacy/anonymity is not an issue. No corporate taxes is a must. I value simplicity (no taxes filling or...
  8. O advise

    Hello, Thank god i found this place. I would like to ask a couple of question and seek advise on the following Im planning on opening a trading eCommerce website were i get to sell Voip Services ""think of a 2fa " for your email ,fb where you have the option to select voice and the company...
  9. N

    Shell and Banks

    This is probably an Odd question. Offshore firms creating Shell companies without any website (Some do) and virtual address. I read Panama papers that they create and open bank accounts under those Shells and stash millions on them. How come Banks not verify any of them logically? A 12 yr kid...
  10. B

    Tax Residency. How to prove?

    Hey guys, As a newbie in this question, I wanted to ask you: 1) what can be a proof of tax residency for the company? Will Nominee Director will be enough to proof that the effective management based for example in Singapore (or any other low tax country)? Even though its other directors...
  11. Bit Tilted

    EMI with Magento APK?

    Does anyone know of an EMI with Magento APK? For Belize LLC? US $, SWIFT xfers in and out.
  12. T

    Looking for advice on offshore business creation

    Hi all! I am very new to this and not finding the information that I need in my search, so I figured I would try posting. I welcome any feedback and/or advice. I have a short term rental business (LLC) that takes place on the Airbnb platform. Currently, I have 13 listings in the state of...
  13. Nanoo

    Nominee director

    Where can i find a nominee director for an offshore company in the EU? I find Online services so shady with no reviews available.
  14. Dubsize

    Reviews about rtrsupportslimited

    hi all, Found this website surfing the internet : Offshore Company & Bank Account Setup, Merchant Account Services They claim they can open a bank account in the U.K for Corp. Anyone has experience with them ? Thanks
  15. MrTony

    Card processing for High-Risk merchants.

    As you now MasterCard and VISA will change their rules soon.dead:-! Please share decisions of processing for high-risk merchants from offshores.
  16. T

    Offshore Replica Clothing Payment Processor

    Hello, I have done a few weeks of extensive research and have come up with nothing and so I am resorting to asking the community for help. I run sites under friend's Stripe accounts and combined do around $10,000 a day revenue(could do much more) and have been looking for a payment processor to...
  17. O

    Offshore For A Scientific Journal

    Hello, I want to start and an open access journal for publishing journal papers online for a fee. To do this I need: ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) Bank account for credit card processing. Some countries requires a company in order to issue the ISSN. I have been searching here...
  18. TheHeechee

    Help needed with Offshore solution for a Freelancer from a Non-EU

    Hi, I am a freelancer (sysadmin) from a non-EU country (Serbia) working mostly with US companies. Moreover, I have some apps in Serbia that are accepting the payments from Serbian Paypal users for some IT services(Serbian companies and users are forbidden to trade with each locally other using...
  19. I

    Offshore Consulting

    Hi all, I have a few colleagues and friends, mainly from Israel and Russia who have expressed interest in moving some or all of their finances offshore, the vast majority of them are completely clueless as to how to start and have turned to me as I have worked in Hong Kong and have offshore...

    Where is the best offshore country for an online learning company?

    Hello everyone, We are in the process of setting up a new company and we want to form an offshore company & bank account, The subject of the work specifically Our company will be a mediator between teachers and students Teachers of different languages will share informations about their...