1. J

    Is HongKong offshore a tax free? Is HongKong a reliable Jurisdiction?

    Dear All, Please advise us more about HongKong off shore. Is it tax free? Is HongKong a reliable Jurisdiction? Do you recommend another Jurisdictions? Because we are seeking for "White off shore" Not like Belize or Seychelles. Your opinion is so important, please share it
  2. Dubsize

    U.S bank account opened by family

    Hi All, a family member of mine is living in the U.S I would like to open a company in delaware (I am not a U.S citizen neither a U.S resident) I will need a bank account for this company and I know I need to travel there. How could my family member help me to open this bank account so I...
  3. M

    Offshore jurisdictions for fake IT companies

    Hello Guys I'm looking for jurisdictions which are well-known for IT companies. I need to create multiple companies in different countries or states. I plan to make site for every company and use them for fake credentials for my main company. Requirements: - easy and cheap to create with no...
  4. Saulgood

    Business account for bitcoin trading

    Hi there, thanks to everyone spending time to read and reply in advance!! Including admin and the Mentor group hopefully. UK citizen here working and living in England and also Turkish citizen. I'm currently paying tax through my full time employment only in UK. I don't currently own a company...
  5. Dubsize

    Reporting to country where I don’t live

    hi guys, I have two citizenship : number 1 and number 2. I live in country number 2. What if I open a company and a corporate bank account in a third country where I don’t live and I don’t have citizenship using my ID papers from country number 1 where I don’t live? The bank will report to...
  6. C

    Offshore company + Cyprus Bank Account

    Hello, I am looking to start an offshore company in Belize or Seychelles. I am preferring to have an offshore bank account in Cyprus. My company work is basically to provide IT services or software development services. But my clients pay me in terms of cryptocurrency. So I will be selling them...
  7. bwana

    Best setup for my Crypto/Financial Business

    Hi everyone, Ive been reading this forums for a while and just created an account to ask about some advice and pov. Structure: IBC on Belize (no taxes/privacy) + EMI? Bank Acc? Business: cashout/trade some crypto, trade financial markets (no taxes since it would be foreign income) and wire some...
  8. J

    Setup Company + Nominees + Paypal + Bank Account: As a Package

    Hi guys, Im looking for a service that will provide the above as a package. The nominees have to be provided by the company so to protect my privacy. Can you recommend a service that has all those as a package ? thanks
  9. Dubsize

    Mauritius ?

    Hey Guys, I've been reading a lot here - that's a super forum. however, I did not read much about Mauritius. Is it still interesting to open an IBC in mauritius ? Are they cooperating with other countries? is it still 0% tax ? is it easy to open a bank account remotely ? and what about...
  10. E

    EMIs for offshore corporate accounts?

    Which EMIs would you suggest to use for opening an account for a Seychelles company? Which EMIs accept corporate accounts?
  11. E

    Good banks that will open accounts for a Russian company?

    Which banks could you recommend that would open accounts for a Russian company "OOO"?
  12. N

    The best option for a SaaS service?

    Hello, guys! I am looking for experienced advice. I have a company in Belize and bank account in Latvia, but recently my bank lost a license for USD transfers :) and other banks are not happy about Belize companies, so I’d like to register another company and open a new account - in the same...
  13. K

    Offshore Company Formation Help

    Hoping I can get some guidance here for my offshore company I want to form: This is for an ICO, I want to have offshore corp in the Caymans to ISSUE the tokens and have that company vanish after granting those tokens to the OPERATING company. So essentially two corps setup, one issuer and one...
  14. B

    setup offshore company + bank account related to crypto trading need help

    after reading alot on the forum , it seems that a belize company + emi like mistertango would be the best way to go about it unless I am wrong , would love to hear a pro opinion about it. here is a summary of my activity : -we receive deposits from various and accredited investors all over the...
  15. D

    Online business, web product, offshore solution

    Hi, I am a freelancer in the field of web developers, I have developed web software for (real estate companies), especially a good broker tool. I live in Republic of Moldova, I thought to open the company here, but the taxes are high. So I do not have to do that. I was thinking about offshore...
  16. CoinBoss

    Offshore Company Options for Bitcoin Trading?

    Hello guys! I'm looking to set up an offshore company to trade crypto without having to pay taxes. I'm currently based in the UK but will move to the US in a year, so anything I set up needs to be legit in both countries. I'm doing this to save tax, not to hide anything. 1) I heard that Belize...
  17. A

    Company Formation Service - Grenada?

    Does someone of you know great Service Provider for a Formation of an Offshore-Company in Grenada Also would this be a possible Setup for an Online-Marketing Company? - Grenada IBC - Georgian Bank Account Greetings Amoled
  18. Juoffshore

    UK non Domicilied and offshore personnal bank account - Remittance

    Hello, One of my client is 'UK non domiciled', he lives in the UK and he has choosen to be taxed only on his UK income and gains and ONLY foreign income and gains his bring back to the UK. ( Remittance basis) His statut allows him to invest in offshore company or work abroard without paying...
  19. J

    offshore company for crypto trading

    I am solo trader and looking a way establish offshore company to buy and sell crypto currency. Company would trade only with their own money - when I get request from customer I would purchase crypto from any excahnge to company "stock" balance and re-sell it with invoice end customer as...
  20. X

    Dual citizen need help best combo offshore company + bank account

    Hi, Im a dual citizen of the US & Morocco (have both passports), Im a trader (own money), looking for best combo offshore company + bank account to get advantageous on taxes. Need maximum privacy. Thanks!