1. X

    Dual citizen need help best combo offshore company + bank account

    Hi, Im a dual citizen of the US & Morocco (have both passports), Im a trader (own money), looking for best combo offshore company + bank account to get advantageous on taxes. Need maximum privacy. Thanks!
  2. D

    Remote bank account opening in non AEOI/CRS country?

    Is there a bank in a non AEOI/CRS jurisdiction where you can open a personal bank account remotely?
  3. Dubsize

    Which bank for Delaware LLC

    Hi all, Anyone succeed in opening an offshore bank account for a Delaware LLC? Company activity is international consulting, owner/director are not U.S citizen neither U.S resident. preferably a bank that doesn't require to travel. thanks
  4. sialala

    I am looking for an offshore setup

    Hello everyone, Simple question - where can I find a reliable agent or any trusted company to buy an offshore setup ? I am interested in Belize or something similar in costs. I need it for e-commerce business. Thank You for advices.
  5. sialala

    Offshore and paying out the money

    Hello everyone, I am new here and I am newbie in the business of an offshore companies and etc. I would like to start my own e-business in one of EU country. An one of the most bureaucratic and taxed state in Europe. I am wondering about an offshore company in Belize for my business. I would...
  6. Dubsize

    Cyprus offshore comp.

    Hi Guys, I'm a newbie here, so am I in the offshore world - this forum is very helpful. I have 2 questions regarding Cyprus offshore incorporation : 1) Is there any risk with using nominee's services ? I am not familiar with this use and I am afraid since officially, someone else is the...
  7. Dubsize

    Opening LLC in Delaware makes you U.S person ?

    Hi all, I am new in this forum , I've been reading a lot here before I decided posting. I would like to thank you all for this great forum, for everybody's contribution, it is very helpful. I have a small question, might seem a bit trivial, but I'm not sure. If I decide to open an LLC in...
  8. C

    Looking to setup offshore company

    Hello, I am from India. I am looking to open an offshore company in a tax free country. I have foreign clients and I work for them as freelancer from India. My client pays me via bitcoin. I need to pay GST + Income Tax. Now, according to rules, GST is not applicable on export of service. But...
  9. D

    How to avoid the UBO register in Europe?

    Now there is a publicly accessible UBO register in many EU countries and the rest will have such a register in a few weeks. Is there any solution that could help me to avoid this? Let's say I would use an offshore foundation or trust then would I still have to file myself as the UBO of my EU...
  10. R

    doubt about offshore account

    I am young and I am interested in registering at Euro Pacific Bank, I have been researching about offshore bank and which ones are good offshore bank but I had a series of doubts. To register at the euro pacific bank ask this question: 1.- Schedule a phone call interview with an Onboarding...
  11. Luigi

    Bitcoin-only company

    Is it possible creating an offshore company and use only bitcoins? How does it affect taxes and privacy?
  12. J

    Panamanian Company with Cyprus bank Account??? Help!!!

    HI Everyone I am new to this world of offshore corporations and everything here, I really like this topic and I have basically learned a bit by myself. So the situation is this, Me and my dad we opened a company in panama, he is a panamanian citizen by naturalization . I am not. I currently...
  13. M

    Offshore Belize IBC + LeuPay

    Hello. i want to open Belize IBC and have LeuPay as corporate bank account. I saw on their site that they report to authorities sice last year. But I also saw that they report only company if you make more than 50% of revenue from services you provide. Doeas anyone have any experience with this...
  14. M

    Best sollution for a hosting business

    Hi, its my first post heere. I have been reading post from offshorecorptalk and they are very interesting. Im spanish, and i have a small hosting website (i offer hosting, domains, SSL cert...) also i offer website creation. Im interested in create an offshore company for this (to avoid VAT...
  15. P

    Urgent: need advice on setting up a bank account in Singapore

    Hi guys, I'm new here. I'm a full time crypto trader. I know it's a bit short notice but I would really appreciate any help. From Monday I will be in Singapore for 3 days. I need to open a non-resident bank account and I will have all the documents with me: tax statements, bank statements...
  16. L

    Help need to open a offshore company & bank account UK Based

    Hi everyone , So i'm new here and i need to set up an offshore company & bank account asap would love some help on the best options most of my clients are based in the UK but would have international business too ,please advise on the most discreet and cost effective options, thank you much!!
  17. B

    Offshore or Free zone ?

    Dear all, I just found this very interesting forum. Here is my question hoping that someone will be able to enlight me. I am starting a vending machine business based in a European country (outside of the EU). I am familiar with Dubai with family living/working there etc... I was wondering if...
  18. Arugula Brown

    Which offshore jurisdiction allows a UK LTD to be UBO?

    Hi all, I have a question and hope to find some help:) • I have 1800£ and would like to set up an offshore company with nominee director, one bank account and mail forwarding service. The Offshore company would have a UK-based LTD as Ultimate beneficial owner. • The UK-based LTD will have two...
  19. OlegK

    Offshore company in HK

    Hello All, I am going to set up a company in HK using SFM Corporate Services. Of course all formalities will be done with my physical presence. I don't want to receive it remotely. On the one hand everything is clear as I have studied FAQ attentively. But I still don't have a clear picture...
  20. N

    Beware of a dirty business maker

    Mr. Titov who is the owner of the following sites: Belize-offshore-immigration-visas-residency-real estate Belize Offshore Company Formation | Same Day Service Belize offshore company formation by Titoff Realty Ltd. is a very unreliable person. He provides untruthful information, makes...