1. Nanoo

    Nominee director

    Where can i find a nominee director for an offshore company in the EU? I find Online services so shady with no reviews available.
  2. Dubsize

    Reviews about rtrsupportslimited

    hi all, Found this website surfing the internet : Offshore Company & Bank Account Setup, Merchant Account Services They claim they can open a bank account in the U.K for Corp. Anyone has experience with them ? Thanks
  3. MrTony

    Card processing for High-Risk merchants.

    As you now MasterCard and VISA will change their rules soon.dead:-! Please share decisions of processing for high-risk merchants from offshores.
  4. O

    Offshore For A Scientific Journal

    Hello, I want to start and an open access journal for publishing journal papers online for a fee. To do this I need: ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) Bank account for credit card processing. Some countries requires a company in order to issue the ISSN. I have been searching here...
  5. TheHeechee

    Help needed with Offshore solution for a Freelancer from a Non-EU

    Hi, I am a freelancer (sysadmin) from a non-EU country (Serbia) working mostly with US companies. Moreover, I have some apps in Serbia that are accepting the payments from Serbian Paypal users for some IT services(Serbian companies and users are forbidden to trade with each locally other using...
  6. I

    Offshore Consulting

    Hi all, I have a few colleagues and friends, mainly from Israel and Russia who have expressed interest in moving some or all of their finances offshore, the vast majority of them are completely clueless as to how to start and have turned to me as I have worked in Hong Kong and have offshore...

    Where is the best offshore country for an online learning company?

    Hello everyone, We are in the process of setting up a new company and we want to form an offshore company & bank account, The subject of the work specifically Our company will be a mediator between teachers and students Teachers of different languages will share informations about their...
  8. Dubsize

    BVI company + PR bank account

    Hi all, What if I inc a BVI comp with a bank account in Puerto Rico. Will I be reported to my residence country? Will I have to pay tax anywhere ? My aim is to remain discret and not paying tax. I’m not a us citizen neither resident. Living outside Europe as well. Thanks.
  9. MrTony

    Transfers outside SEPA

    Could somebody advise EMI, which provide a possibility to send money outside SEPA (e.g. Serbia, Ukraine etc.) and the sender will be the Company (not the name of EMI)? Transferwise support said, that they give such possibility. Anybody tried? As I understand Mistertango can't do this. To...
  10. S

    Is it better to setup an offshore company for freelancer?

    Hi, I am a young freelancer (programmer) and permanent tourist/digital nomad for the past 2 years. Now my income has been rising and I'll clearly need to declare it/pay taxes and I wanted to ask for your advice about the optimum way. There are lots of opinions online but I couldn't figure out...
  11. Zahi baroudi

    HELP! Best Offshore Remote Bank ?

    Hello, Am new here and this is my first post in this web. Looks really interesting and thought this would be the best place to get help from. I need to open a Personal (not Corportate) bank account remotely in order to have Paypal, as it's not available yet at my country. Got lost in the...
  12. Prall1951

    Anyone had heard about them ? thanks a lot

    Hi is anyone had heard about them Vistra they do incorporation they seems to be lawyers and legit but they have the same (exactly the same) website design than them : Offshore company formation, trusts, foundations, UK companies registration - Jordans Trust Company and heard about...
  13. J

    UK VS Scotland VS Marshal Island VS Vanuatu VS HK

    Dear gurus Let us share our expertise to find the best jurisdiction for 1. Easy to operate without license 2. Easy to maintain 3. bank friendly 4. cost
  14. J

    Is HongKong offshore a tax free? Is HongKong a reliable Jurisdiction?

    Dear All, Please advise us more about HongKong off shore. Is it tax free? Is HongKong a reliable Jurisdiction? Do you recommend another Jurisdictions? Because we are seeking for "White off shore" Not like Belize or Seychelles. Your opinion is so important, please share it
  15. Dubsize

    U.S bank account opened by family

    Hi All, a family member of mine is living in the U.S I would like to open a company in delaware (I am not a U.S citizen neither a U.S resident) I will need a bank account for this company and I know I need to travel there. How could my family member help me to open this bank account so I...
  16. M

    Offshore jurisdictions for fake IT companies

    Hello Guys I'm looking for jurisdictions which are well-known for IT companies. I need to create multiple companies in different countries or states. I plan to make site for every company and use them for fake credentials for my main company. Requirements: - easy and cheap to create with no...
  17. Saulgood

    Business account for bitcoin trading

    Hi there, thanks to everyone spending time to read and reply in advance!! Including admin and the Mentor group hopefully. UK citizen here working and living in England and also Turkish citizen. I'm currently paying tax through my full time employment only in UK. I don't currently own a company...
  18. Dubsize

    Reporting to country where I don’t live

    hi guys, I have two citizenship : number 1 and number 2. I live in country number 2. What if I open a company and a corporate bank account in a third country where I don’t live and I don’t have citizenship using my ID papers from country number 1 where I don’t live? The bank will report to...
  19. C

    Offshore company + Cyprus Bank Account

    Hello, I am looking to start an offshore company in Belize or Seychelles. I am preferring to have an offshore bank account in Cyprus. My company work is basically to provide IT services or software development services. But my clients pay me in terms of cryptocurrency. So I will be selling them...
  20. bwana

    Best setup for my Crypto/Financial Business

    Hi everyone, Ive been reading this forums for a while and just created an account to ask about some advice and pov. Structure: IBC on Belize (no taxes/privacy) + EMI? Bank Acc? Business: cashout/trade some crypto, trade financial markets (no taxes since it would be foreign income) and wire some...