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    Scotland yard Jurisdiction and taxation?

    Dear All, Is Scotland-yard jurisdiction a good jurisdiction? How the taxation working there? is it tax free? Is it accepted by EU banks? Thank you
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    UK VS Scotland VS Marshal Island VS Vanuatu VS HK

    Dear gurus Let us share our expertise to find the best jurisdiction for 1. Easy to operate without license 2. Easy to maintain 3. bank friendly 4. cost
  3. N

    Scottish LP formation + LeuPay

    Hello, Actually, I have my e-commerce based in France. I use Shopify where I accept payments with Stripe and PayPal. Most of my clients are from EU. I read that for my case the better option is to open a Scottish LP or UK LLP and a EU bank account. I think to open the LeuPay account. I don't...
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    Scotland LP + European Bank/Merchant Account

    Hello, Can somebody please advise me a good provider to open a Scotland LP company and european bank/merchant account ? I´ve searched in the forum, but unfortunately can´t see any advice for trustable company that provide the service for Scotland. Thank you in advance and good business to all...
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