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    CSB Cook Islands

    Hi Admin, CSB is a Cook Islands based banking institution which is their core business and as I mentioned I haven't dealt with them directly before. Regarding Trust and companies in the Cook Islands, i've setup quite a few Trusts there which are really well put together and the legal regime is...
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    CSB Cook Islands

    I haven't dealt with them specifically but by and large the Cook Islands are relatively trust worthy but VERY expensive to deal in. Much of the administration of the trusts and companies actually occur from New Zealand where I am located. Jokingly, you can always send me $500-600 and I will...
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    Beware of a dirty business maker

    Interesting! Following :)
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    Which Country should it be?

    Work out who you want to bank with first because belize/Seychelles are increasingly finding it harder to get banking setup.
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    How to buy my own bank in Offshore?

    Haha yeah I just saw the date! I'm not sure why it popped up on my feed. Anyway :)
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    How to buy my own bank in Offshore?

    It's very difficult in this day and age to actually get an offshore bank up and running. Most jurisdictions are now actively rejecting shell banks and even if you manage to get a license/charter somewhere...getting a correspondent account will be nearly impossible. In short, other banks really...
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    Jurisdictions with Bearer Shares

    Bearer shares are unlikely to have any sort of future given the ongoing move towards transparency in offshore jurisdictions. The fact is it has become almost impossible to open a bank account with bearer shares involved unless they are held by the physical agent and a register kept which...
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    Offshore company NEEDED for e-business. + merchant account + PP or Stripe

    I would avoid Hong Kong due to the high coast of the Audit Fee's and the fact it normally requires a personal visit to get a bank account opened.