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  • I saw in the forum banner for Leon-formation but it was deleted. Should I worry about something regarding them?
    Paypal have informed me that the monthly payment I was making for the Mentor Group Gold has been cancelled. I'm not sure why this happened as I did not request this. Do I need to just reregister in the Mentor group?
    I have send you a PM

    i tried to upgrade my membership to mentor group, when i tried to pay with crypto it goes though coinbase and it gives 60 min to recive the funds, i sent the funds from my wallet, but the 60 min passed and now it ask me to contact the marchent ( you ).
    i have all the screenshot in my phone.
    waiting to hear from you.
    Thank you
    Hello, is there any other way to pay for the membership? I want to sign up, but can't pay with paypal. Do you accept crypto?
    Please use the signup form, when it shows PayPal click the pull down and you are able to pay with crypto.

    If you still have troubles, please let me know.
    hi i paid for gold membership for a month but i didn't receive any confirmation email ... how can access the mentor group please? It seems my profile has not been granted access to this area. Thanks
    Dear Admin, I cant find a way to delete my last post. Id appreciate if you could let me know how to or delete it for me. Thanks in advance.
    I attach a txt.

    Because around here it only leaves me 420 characters.



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    @Admin can you please help me solve this issue? I tried to post the Egypt thread but I recieved this error message
    "Oops! We ran into some problems. Please try again later. More error details may be in the browser console." So, what should I do now?
    I have made an edit to the thread you posted, it looks good now.

    Thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge with us.
    Hi, Admin

    Can you please PM me? I need some guidance regarding a service I used on this site. Something went wrong and the provider has gone MIA for numerous weeks now.

    Please help.
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