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    Hi. from Sweden :-

    Welcome aboard, I hope you enjoy your stay on OffshoreCorpTalk thu&¤#
  2. Admin

    Open the US Bank account with a Power of Attorney

    Regardless how you turn this, without personal visit and without to have made your homework carefully I don't believe any non-us person get a personal bank account, we have still not seen any evidence here that it is possible. For large corporations it is well possible to get a US bank account...
  3. Admin

    AdvCash offer loading MasterCard and Visa!

    The fees to load the card is very high, that may be one of the reasons.
  4. Admin

    Bank Account Opening in Georgia - My personal experience after 4 years

    I know this person.. I think we already mentioned her on OffshoreCorpTalk before.
  5. Admin

    Convert Revolut/Transferwise to Crypto

    Does blackcatcard, I assume it is this one BLACKCATCARD - Get Control of Your Money and Black Cat for a Luck works like XAPO worked in the past, loading the wallet with crypto and you spend that "money" using your Visa / Mastercard without the need to exchange anything?
  6. Admin

    I found a great bitcoin payment processor

    I agree at some point, I don't know what the WOW is on this solution, you can do this with a open source script, use coinbase or some of the many other available services. Anyway, thank you for bringing this to our attention.
  7. Admin

    Bank Account Opening in Georgia - My personal experience after 4 years

    Since this thread already turned into a self promoting thread I would like to know what agent you are using, if you are able tp post a link and name, so please do it.
  8. Admin

    I need UK bank account

    I tried to open an account with them last year, I got so far that I submitted my KYC docs, once I tried to login it detected that I had a non-UK IP so I wasn't able to login. Finally I gave up the account steup and used TransferWise.
  9. Admin

    Paypal might start supporting Crypto buying / selling

    This is really great news and would make it even easier for people to deal with crypto. But PayPal did not make a decision yet when they will role out this option for their 325 million users. Let's cross the fingers it will be anytime soon ;)
  10. Admin

    Advertising Unlock the Power of OffshoreCorpTalk: Become a Member of the Mentor Group Gold

    Unfortunately, we don't have anyone on our way, but we are working on it.
  11. Admin

    Help! my bank wont allow me to buy bitcoin, looking for a solution

    Yes and I say he may use a different exhchange that does not get blocked. Or to receive money on some EMI and then buy the crypto!
  12. Admin

    How to ship visa card to Non EEA countries

    I agree, these may be valid services to sort this out.
  13. Admin

    Amounts before EMI will ask for documentation

    I agree, it will depend on the EMI - but most often when you cross the 20K they will start asking questions, I have seen the a few times already.
  14. Admin

    Risks & tracking traces Debit Cards

    You will find some answers to all of this in the Mentor Group, it's not to be discussed on the public forums. Thread is closed.
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