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    Mentor Group Payment Methods

    Not yet we have 3 payment processors which all have approved the business model but simply not can take action and switch the accounts live :( If you want to use Wire Transfer payment rather then crypto right now then please use the contact form for details.
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    Which Payment Processor for Shopify/WooCom? (Want to sell Anonymously)

    share your experience with us, let us know what you can help with please? you post was seconds from getting deleted and your account banned!
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    Best offshore country for bitcoin mining??

    thanks for the information. What you say is that you can ask them to help you with the entire setup? Will they charge for their service to help you directly?
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    Bank account opening for LLC (United Arab Emirates companies

    Interesting question, I don't believe it is possible but honestly I hope someone more knowledged to answer this question.
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    List of Banks, EMI's, Payment processors and BTC to FIAT institutions.

    Don't trust on anyone that say an EMI will not be forced to report you sooner or later. Only exception may be unregulated EMI's or operations inside Russia!
  6. Admin as an offshore account

    I believe more or less they try to lurk you into their business and that's impossible to gain the 40% discount on all products.
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    kraken - 24 hours to receive BTC still not received!!

    How many confirmations do you already have on each of the missing transactions? Have wrote kraken support about a similar issue!
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    SepctroCoin the most shitty APP and website of them all!

    is it possible to transfer from personal account to 3rd party account from SpectroCoin account? If you have installed the SpectroCoin App and you login, you will ALWAYS have to enter email address and password everytime you want to login, the phone does not store it nor is the IRIS login...
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    Forum Rules!

    ARE YOU A HOSTING COMPANY? Then read here! From today the 13.04.2021 will we allow any Silver Member to have a commercial signature for HOSTING COMPANIES ONLY! That mean, you have double benefit now if you signup for a Silver Membership. You can start a new none advertising thread in the...
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    rent a company

    Same behavior as iPayTotal aka Rashal International They are professional scammers and marketers knowing how to produce fake news as well as professional fake articles for the only purpose...
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    Cyprus to publish ultimate beneficial owner list of its money offshore accounts

    This will soon be implemented in the entire EU, it starts with talk and a few years later it is how the world looks.
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    Bitsafe stole my money, please I need help on how to report them to the Financial Authorities

    Bitsafe is Verotel, they seem to have been around for ages, it may be worth to hire a lawyer to write to them and get a valid response.
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    Help with Transferwise/Payoneer transactions

    I find localbitcoins to be a very insecure way to exchange bitcoins. On the other hand, I can't find really bad / negative reviews about them, so if you can transfer this way to your Wise or bank account it may be a valid solution.
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    Question Using Multiple Companies to Optimize VAT

    If you don't charge VAT you need the customers full contact details in order to avoid it. That may be fine if it is B2B I'm not sure if the same apply if it is B2C.
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