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    ePayments is gone!

    Hm, sounds really interesting
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    EMI solution to transfer 6figs from Epayments

    Is Epayments going back to operation?
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    Foundation talk

    Hm and if the foundation owns 100% shares of some entity A, will bank or EMI ask for UBO(s) of the foundation when opening account for entity A ?
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    EU LTD/Bank Account Advice

    as for "I was under the impression that Cyprus for instance doesnt necessarily reveal the ownership of a llc" - actually CYPRUS in on the way to show companies UBOs online. Plus you have to pay EU VAT through that complicated system.
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    Did anyone notice that Belize abolished their offshore regime in October 2019?

    Any news on Belize and their plans to exchange completed forms with UBO's jurisdictions?
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    Setting up a BVI foundation

    I think that 1-3% taxable company from Barbados or Seychelles could be considered as CFC structure in many cases. Am I wrong?
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    Need Help About US LLC Related

    Are you 100% sure on commisions? Actually CPA marketer could pass material participation test if he has dedicated more than 500 hours to a business or activity from which he’s profiting. Traffic is a hard every day work if one want to succeed.
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    Offshore company with low tax + Puerto Rico account

    So if Montserrat IBC select to pay license fee as 1.75% of it's revenue do they provide TIN for this IBC and any kind of tax certificate or tax residency cerificate (some banks may ask for this document to make sure it's not a shelf company) So far there are no economic substance demands to...
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    Nevis tax 33% or tax free?

    Hey Reesek, "Working on something" - what are rumors if it's not a big secret, please suggest.
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    UK LTD , US LLC and new 2020 SMEs rules

    So though Costa Rica launched their own UBO registry in 2019 you think it will not be public accessibly for some reasonable time. It is bad to use nominee councils for Panamian Private Interest Foundation (with pre-signed, undated letters of resignations so that one can replace the...
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    Opening a LTD network for more privacy

    With AML6 rules coming at the end of this year they will become public ( for some fee ), aren't they? Even at Cyprus though they are not fast in such moves.
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    Looking for advice on setting up offshore corporate for privacy

    with AML5 rules in force the registry of UBOs is available only to professional and official parties, but AML6 is coming and it's UBO registry is supposed to be available for anyone for some reaonable fee. So what kind of anonimity is this?
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    UK LTD , US LLC and new 2020 SMEs rules

    Onemansomewhere, thanks for very useful information. What else jurisdiction would you suggest for the ofshore company which is supposed to be the council of foundation? There are not many suitable ones in light of fact that a lot of ofshore jurisdisctions are creating UBO registries for future...
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    Bendura Bank account opening requirements

    We used their services 1.5 years ago for several years. They were okay with frequent payments. Have to close the account because of our own reasons. New deposit terms are mentioned above I believe.
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