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    Wirex blocks my transfers

    That's a typical behaviour for EMIs, they can keep you in the KYC loop for a very long time. I know that most people would call traditional banks evil, but they at least have a physical office which you can visit and withdraw your money from =)
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    3D secure/verified by visa vcc?

    There are banks which offer a VCC generation feature. Those VCC usually support the 3D secure just like the other physical cards on account.
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    Crypto to FIAT - ATM card

    The most efficient and secure way for crypto => FAT would be anonymous debit card which is registered under the name of the nominee.
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    Buy Monero with Visa gift card

    I doubt it will be an easy task, since most of the services out there require verification.
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    No limit debit card?

    From our experience "no limits" is more a marketing trick. At least when you talk about mainstream banks. For example in Russia also positions its mainstream black card as the the card where you set your limits yourself. However if they see abnormal behavior in terms of cash...
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    Personal bank account with legit EEA bank

    YO You are actually right, this is totally relevant for EU citizens. I just realized that I was writing regarding the people who are non-EU.
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    Personal bank account with legit EEA bank

    I think you mixing up 2 differents things: "registration" and "residence" . You can be registered in a particular EU city with a simple travel visa, while for residence you are required to have some legal grounds: studying, working, marriage etc. something that justifies the reason for...
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