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    Teenage cybercrime forum founder jailed

    yes. That's interesting.
  2. A is a scam, stay away.

    That is sucks. It can happen with everyone of us, we should be very-very cautios
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    What is considered high risk business?

    I suppose almost every business may be considered as risky ecpesially when it is connected not with production but with reselling.
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    |||!!! Skype is down !!!||||

    I haven't thought I'd ever meet any problem with skype.
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    16 Most Influential People on the Web

    That list is really incomplete IMHO.
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    Everyone can be a SuperStar within minutes, just follow this guidelines.

    I also have a problem with opening the link :(
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    SSL Certificate, which one to use?

    I agree, I find Godaddy is the best.
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    Welcome to the community!
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    Jared Here...Merchant Account Pro

    Welcome here!! :)
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    Hi to everyone! I'm new here. Want to be useful for the community! ;)
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    This music Video is no1 on yourtube for the term cool Video!

    I saw it before. It is really cool video, simple but very original :)
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    What does one TRILLION dollars look like?

    Will you share a little? ;)
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    Ever wondered what I look like?

    Cool picture and pink T-shirt ;)
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    Matrix 4 - The Matrix ReEntered

    Looks like next Terminator ;) lol
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    English Teaching

    Only as English teachers are for Indian emigrants. By I may be mistaken