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    High Risk Payment Processor for IPTV, Replica and Gaming - Sort it out.

    I like your mission and hope you will complete the thread in mentor group once you have collected the puzzle.
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    Has anyone heard of this payment merchant service provider?

    Thank you for your review you left. Will have to consider them for my business.
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    UK LTD business advise on Opening EU company

    Cyprus, Dubai, Bulgaria, Romanian Micro Company and depending on your sales volume Switzerland are to be considered at some of the countries to reduce your overall corporate tax burden.
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    How to avoid VAT in EU when running an e-commerce website?

    If you sell digital services you could care less about VAT so many loopholes to circumvent the VAT issue!
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    ADVCash To Wise (Transferwise)

    That is a great question not will be waiting for the answer. Or you could try to make a small amount transfer to see what happens!
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    Betting on turkish lira ?

    What ???
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    Need payment processor

    thanks nice share!
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    Build Card processing getway

    Good luck with that. Better get a job at Mc Donalds. Don't even you had 100,000 US$ you would stand a chance.
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    Betting on turkish lira ?

    That will make Turkey rich over short time.
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    Some Europeans are barely surviving?

    Truly master sorry, I'm a humble believer in all what you say. Will be your slave from now on... shall I blow you?
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    Some Europeans are barely surviving?

    everything was not true.. I'm still here, still standing stronger than ever before, no issues, had COVID 19 - TOP CONDITIONS and I do what I always do. But stay in your fairytale and maybe you should take the next chapter of The Walking Dead.
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    Some Europeans are barely surviving?

    Waow you are on track again... exactly as with COVID need back when it started, you said DOOM Day was coming, s**t was coming everything went out fine. But hey, some people have to spend time to be dark seers, and we are here on a forum to discuss so let's discuss crap.
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    Bitsafe frozen funds roadmap.

    Feel sorry for your loss - hope you get it recovered. If they are backed by Rabobank at some point I can't imagine that this won't work out over time.
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    Some Europeans are barely surviving?

    exactly, that's what I mean.. nothing to worry about.