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    Correct Process In Transfering Ownership of a Disregarded Delaware US LLC to a Bulgarian Company

    Hi Guys, The question's in the title really - what's the correct process in transferring ownership of a Disregarded US LLC registered in Delaware, from myself to a Bulgarian LTD that I'm a shareholder of - both from the US Side of the law, and the Bulgarian side of things required within the...
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    Best Setup for Dividends

    I own a single member disregarded US LLC, it's a travel services business organizing trips for americans down to the caribbean. I'm a British passport holder residing in Spain and looking to leave to somewhere that has a lower tax rate. I'm not opposed to paying some tax, but would like to...
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    USA LLC vs Armenia LLC for a EU resident "Tax law often contains rules about how certain domestic entities are taxed – either as a separate legal entity or as fiscally transparent. Under the former approach, the entity itself would be subject to...
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    USD Bank account for seychelles company

    I haven't as yet, we're still looking into it. I personally believe that cost is overpriced for the actual task
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    USD Bank account for seychelles company

    I've contact with 2 different US accountants that will manage the banking for a company from really nearly anywhere. It costs around $3,000 per month, but they will recieve payments on your behalf to a US based bank account, make any payments you need, and at the end of the month move your...
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    zero tax Foreign Sourced Income countries

    With regards to Foreign source income in Panama, i came across this: Tax Residence In Panama - Tax - Panama This would suggest a travel agent for example, although physically sat in panama, if selling to US clients in the US over the internet, to travel to destinations other than panama, is tax...
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    CFC and Spain

    Online travel agent, focusing on USA clients for Caribbean vacations. current setup is a usa llc but we’re looking at incorporating a Corp in a tax free jurisdiction to avoid the us litigation culture. 3 partners, one is Spanish, and two none Spanish citizens, but 1 is resident in Spain along...
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    opening bank account with debt overseas?

    Most credit checks are done within the country where you're applying. For example, if you owe a debt in the UK, and open a bank account in the Netherlands, using your netherlands address, never mentioning any previous address outside of that country, even if you use your passport for ID, it's...
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    zero tax Foreign Sourced Income countries

    with regards to the countries I mentioned, how would that work?
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    zero tax Foreign Sourced Income countries

    I've been looking recently at relocating to a 0% income & corporate tax destination (bahamas, anguilla, BVI) but the cost of living just seems out of this world when compared to countries that don't tax foreign sourced income (panama and belize cost of living for example, seems to be about a...
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    What type of taxes do you pay personally after corporation taxes?

    From my research, the only way to really significantly, legitimately lower your tax rate is to move to the low taxation country & be able to prove tax residency. Live in the Bahamas/Panama/Anguilla/Belize etc 7 months of the year, and the UK/NL the other 5.
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    What real bank or EMI?

    Why on earth would you keep a million in an EMI? On that note, if you had a million dollars/euros why would you be on a website like this, and not taking advice from some of the most expensive professionals in the world?
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    What real bank or EMI?

    we were refused by transferwise for our US LLC because " Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide our services in such capacity as we would only be able to transfer your treasury payments and not customer-related ones." opened an account with mercury really very easily, but they then...
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    Anguilla vs Seychelles vs Belize vs BVI

    Sorry to bump, but if you were to incorporate a UK LLP with 2 offshore companies, is there any actual chance of opening a bank account? i.e. 2 companies from anguilla, belize, bvi etc
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    Accounts recievable/billing & bookkeeping service

    If my BVI Corp (or wherever we chose to reincorporate) with a US virtual office was the company invoicing the clients, and they were purely acting as a pservice provider for making and recieving payments, why would they be paying tax in the US on the total sales volume?