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  1. Caffre

    Good introducer for Mauritius?

    Correct. This is the Group and I am working with their Mauritius office: Sovereign Trust (Mauritius) Limited Unit 21 Circle Square Business Park Forbach Mauritius . I will come back and let you know the outcome of the process
  2. Caffre

    Good introducer for Mauritius?

    Sorry. did not get notification of answer in thread. To clarify, the first CSP i contacted stated that the Bank would require them "to act as Director and Authorised Signatory on the account, which shall bear additional charges " clearly I balked at this. I believe that my contact at the Bank...
  3. Caffre

    Good introducer for Mauritius?

    I am in the process of opening an account with ABC Banking. I am using Sovereign Group. They are more expensive than others but i believe but ABC has fewer requirements for clients introduced by them (they waived the CSP being cosigner on all outgoing wires) Sovereign is certainly thorough in...
  4. Caffre

    Business account for BVI company

    I am also interested in hearing suggestions for BVI COmpany. Butterfield in Caymen declined as "our policy does not allow for Corporate Accounts to be established for persons without a local presence, or a commercial link to the Island" VP Bank, declined as the ultimate beneficiary (myself) is a...
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