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    LLP Britsh Columbia Canada

    Goodmorning everyone. I am a citizen residing in Italy. I am an entrepreneur in Italy. I need a brand that can be traced back to canada. Unfortunately, the products of Canadian companies are very popular in my industry. I don't have to do tax avoidance. I am considering opening an LLP in british...
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    Question holding company in Latvia - lettonia

    Hello I apologize for my english language. I am an Italian entrepreneur. I was considering opening a holding company. Initially to manage royalties for use of trademarks. Then to create a new bussines. I don't care about anonymity I want to pay taxes, but as little as possible. I read online...
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    International Mail Forwarding

    I would like to concentrate all the mail of my various incorporation agents from various states in an "International Mail Forwarding" service. I want to prevent incorporation agents shipping to my home. So the wyoming agent, the uk agent, the seyschells agent have to send to this mail service. I...
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    Setup anonymous company in UK how?

    <<snippet>> I ask you if you can contact me. i can't in private. thank you
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