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    LeuPay.EU - Review please is it a good offshore bank?

    Anybody knows another EMI similar to Leopay that would accept non-EU accounts (I have a company registered in Belize)? IBAN, e-wallet, card...
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    Hello, Does anybody know if Currenxie | Digital Finance accepts adult business? The verification is easy with them or it takes long and asks for much documents? Thanks
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    transferwise for belize

    Btw, do you know if they accept adult business? Or it is recommendable to use a cover?
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    transferwise for belize

    Ok, I hope you're right. Will send them an email and let you know. Thanks.
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    transferwise for belize

    Lol, no. I'm in adult business, escort directory. It's just their standard message that appears on their website when you select Belize, so you can't register if you choose this location.
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    transferwise for belize

    TransferWise does not accept Belize companies. I've tried to register a business account and when I've selected Belize, I got the message: "Please note we cannot offer services to trusts or charities from Belize".
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    Belize offshore - bank and merchant account for Escort website

    Thanks for suggestion. I already tried to contact them but all these 3 rejected my application. VEROTEL said they only process for downloadable and not tangible goods and are not able to process for escort services. CCBILL replied my business model and content are not something for which CCBill...
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    Belize offshore - bank and merchant account for Escort website

    Hello, I own a Belize offshore company and I encounter difficulties in finding a Bank and a Merchant Account to accept my business. I have an escort directory and I need to implement an online payment method for escorts to pay their ads by credit/debit card. I've seen there are many escort...
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    LeuPay back in business or out?

    Same problem here, I'm looking for something similar to LeoPay. Any idea, please?
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