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    ePayments is gone!

    sorry to hear your experience, i wanted to comment on the image you have posted for epayments office ,unfortunately some of your opinions are based on emotions and lacking experience....but seriously ? other forum members including me highlighted epayments problems and transparency with...
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    1 billion usd or more

    yes i guess it's same sick bot from Bolivia who posted under female identity , restless made posts about how to avoid problems with untaxed money after moving from country A to country B.
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    How to transfer 15K$ from PayPal to a cryptocurrency?

    last time i check you can easily with virwox for 20% fees , so paying tax is not much difference .
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    Methods to get from TW to crypto exchange

    is it possible to use swissquote as crypto exchange to buy btc with card or sell crypto to them? only that i'm not into broad forex/trading .
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    Need help for my Adult dating business ( Offshore company + bank account + card Payment processing)

    it will not be hard if the emi has basic research skills , it's been said in multiple threads that transferwise google the company .
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    An affiliate program for a US prepaid card?

    dunno if you check skrill ? they have aff program i guess .
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    anyone know if TW does this ....

    hello i want setup new account with transferwise with real uk address , my current country is not eligible for their card program , the reason i want new tw account is rather not so serious (their card is debit card is not in same level as 99% of prepaid cards from other emi's . but that...
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    issue how to save with money transfers ?

    it's a little bit not clear right now , currently i have eu card but still charged 4% to topup tw .... i use 2 emi's , the first emi to send the balance (usd currency account ) and a middle emi with eu card - account is usd too. which emi account i should switch to eur account to avoid 4% on...
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    ePayments blocking founds of the customers due to FCA

    paxum don't allow transfers to emi's , even before ruskies in deep shit .
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    ePayments is gone!

    lol should i say bye bye now epayments ? i will have to grab some popcorn to watch the knockout .
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    Ledger Nano S - is 3 Y.O and need update, any experience?

    ask their support for best practice with wallet , almost any device/app connected to network require security updates regularly , this very long time but not too late .
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    How to buy bitcoin with credit card - fast?

    good for you @Cerebrum ,then it's non of my business .
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    issue how to save with money transfers ?

    many services has good intentions based on their knowledge and experience , but end up abuse some customers . i should not use paysera although it does not looks like scam , but i understand which level i'm looking for . unless the staff members are funny like advcash , i don't come close to...
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    How to buy bitcoin with credit card - fast?

    why don't share your advice here , so more members learn it. unless this scam or it's attempt to avoid saturation ?
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    EMI bank with ACH or Debit card (not prepaid)

    :cool:this post make me interested to open uk tw account