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    Need AED IBAN : Stripe with UAE company

    Hi, With payoneer you can get an AED dubai bank account with Standard Chartered.
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    Wise Digital card for US business

    Everything was settled by the customer service (twitter) they unblocked the situation and I managed to get the card thank you for your attempt to help on the forum
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    Question Xapo Bank any review ?

    Hello, I am interested in opening an account with xapo bank but I would like to have some advice about this bank. Thank you
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    Wise Digital card for US business

    The other answers were meaningless which is why I insisted on asking through another channel. For information there was an official information that the digital card was available.
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    Binance proof of owner account or statement with owner information

    Hi, I need a statement from Binance for my personal account or a proof of the owner account but binance doesn't provide this information. The statement you can download on binance is only your transaction but without any information on the owner. Do you have a solution or something else ?
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    Wise Digital card for US business

    Because before I received this answer I received 4 different answers from wise by e-mail and this last answer is from twitter.
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    Wise Digital card for US business

    Hi, I have a US business and i can't order a wise business digital card. This is the answer from wise customer service is it real ? Hi there. Currently, the digital cards for businesses with up to 1 shareholder is put on hold. (The reason is that we are still trying to sort out some key...
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    Transferwise business account debit card or virtual debit card not available in the US

    You can use stripe issuing you make ach debit (free) from wise to your stripe acocunt and then you can use (for free) your card from stripe Stripe Issuing: Create Virtual Credit Cards