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    Malta 5% scheme structure formation

    @jackfrost curious why did you choose Gibraltar over UK for the hold co.? Would you advise against UK for any particular reason? Thank you
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    Recommendation Malta or Cyprus?

    Thanks, that makes a lot of sense now. I guess if you want to do things properly (i.e. you are a "digital nomad" living and working from Malta_, you would still need to register as an employee of your Malta Co (owned by an offshore co.), pay taxes on your salary (although you could choose not to...
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    Recommendation Malta or Cyprus?

    @jackfrost Assuming you are in Malta as "economically self-sufficient", you pay your €5K in tax, have your insurance, etc. But you work remotely (running an offshore company with no business whatsoever in Malta) from home or a co-working space. Are you are breaching the rules? I understand that...
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    CRS - AEOI - FACTA exchange informations to Malta

    @Martin Everson @Osleak I think the key word is "AND" (i.e. you need to fulfil both thresholds). Basically, you can have a holding company with as much non-trading income (i.e. dividends) as you want as long as you do not have any trading income (which a holding company would not), and you will...
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    Recommendation Malta or Cyprus?

    @Nomad did you get an answer to this? I have a similar situation and not sure if this is the way to go. I am concerned the holding company could be treated as Maltese due to CFC rules. Any thoughts @jackfrost?
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