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  1. hofo

    Tell me where to setup offshore company today for 100% privacy?

    I need to setup a new offshore company for 100% privacy which has to include -: my name does not appear anywhere public my documents need only to be passport and utility bill my business description can be adult business I need to have EMI account for my company so for the purpose to receive...
  2. hofo

    How to check if bank is valid?

    I found a new (to me it is) offshore bank but I can't say if it is valid, they have all the numbers like other bank has but where can this be checked? This is a bank in Malta is there a public website to check this?
  3. hofo

    List of Banks, EMI's, Payment processors and BTC to FIAT institutions.

    this is good help for me, thanks OP :cool:
  4. hofo

    Offshore bank accounts

    before anyone consider CG Bank you want to check the threads linked below: The fake banks of the Comoros Islands <- this is hot stuff You better...
  5. hofo

    Offshore bank accounts

    Why would CG bank help me? why does it look like spam?
  6. hofo

    Offshore bank accounts

    can't you post details here, not all can PM you!!
  7. hofo

    Funneling EU company profit to offshore

    they can and will do that. The financial world is changing to something not good.
  8. hofo

    Offshore bank accounts

    Are you serious, banking in Turkey ?
  9. hofo

    Bank of Cyprus application declined, other alternatives?

    You read his post, he used EMI :)
  10. hofo

    Funneling EU company profit to offshore

    why you think it rise RED flags to send money from netherlands to Seychelles I wonder?
  11. hofo

    Ireland Ltd. vs UK Ltd.? Which one for the EU market?

    Ireland Ltd has until for a few years ago been the best country in the EU to avoid taxed legally on corporate plan! What does it makes it different in 2019 you think?
  12. hofo

    Romanian micro-company

    I would like to know more information about Romanian Micro Company too! Can you explain how difficult it is and if there is really a tax benefit by setting up a company in Romania?
  13. hofo

    What's the best setup to protect my privacy?

    Nominee director and shareholder for Belize company is best legit setup! Or you need to use dark documents!
  14. hofo

    Need agent for registration of non-resident company and bank account

    2 months ago. All still good and business is growing rea#44!
  15. hofo

    Bank of Cyprus application declined, other alternatives?

    What business have you been into? I have approved Bank of Cyprus account. They never made me any troubles!
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