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    Things to Consider with an Offshore Company Formation in Dubai

    As a foreign entrepreneur, investor, or executive, being involved in the creation of a company can sometimes be confusing, or even intimidating. Knowing the market, the laws governing offshore company development, and the options available for the type of company that you wish to open, can all...
  2. Jack Dui

    UAE expats question regarding finance

    Whilst I can't comment on any specifics I think that your bank in the US should be able to answer these questions for you regarding transfer limits and any restrictions in place. Your employer will be able to tell you whether they'll be able to pay straight into a US bank account or not as this...
  3. Jack Dui

    "The age of financial privacy is over" Really?

    In recent time, i see lots of discussion about anonymity issues. They all are talking about IRS, FATCA and #panamaPapers. Over 100 nations have already agreed to provide the IRS with such information, including Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. So...
  4. Jack Dui

    UK Offshore Trust, Tax Relief

    Both examples 1 and 2 on HMRC help sheet HS261 show foreign tax credits against attributable gains. Depending on the circumstances, either the foreign tax can be claimed as above, or used to reduce the gains (sometimes easier if that brings a gain just above the annual exemption to being just...
  5. Jack Dui

    How to get your PayPal verified without phone verification?!

    I haven't heard it before. As i know, there don't have any relation with phone number. You'll just need an email address to get a paypal account. And then simply provide them with copy of utility bill, passport copy, finally add bank account and/or bank card to get fully verified paypal...
  6. Jack Dui

    Streamlined domestic offshore procedure, FBAR question

    I was thinking about whether anybody here had experienced with the Streamlined residential offshore procedure to settle his/her FBAR situation. Actually, I never recorded any FBAR (didn't know the presence up to this point). I have accounts in France however never reported the interests (I...
  7. Jack Dui

    Need help with Anguilla offshore company formation

    Anguilla looks a great jurisdiction with zero tax, no taxation on wealth, income, capital, dividends, no foreign exchange restrictions, various accounts serviced by international and local Banks and many more. You can go here for more details. I personally don't know them but they are looking good.
  8. Jack Dui

    Buy gold and silver from

    Going to ask my bank if they will allow me to buy gold. It seems a good idea to hold some REAL gold.
  9. Jack Dui

    Tax audit in Cyprus?

    Exactly. Agent or law farm supposed to manage all the things.
  10. Jack Dui

    The Biggest Myth About Offshore Company Formation Dubai Exposed

    India progressing rapidly but i wonder how they manage the massive poor people and corruption. If the could overcome these two, they will be a super power in next decade.
  11. Jack Dui

    Offshore Company or Cyprus company what you think is best?

    Only 5 days? i wonder which agent or law farm you used. Can you please shoot me a PM, it'll be my pleasure:)
  12. Jack Dui

    What happens if a Cyprus IBC fails to file taxes?

    Better you pay your tax if you want your company to stay...if you don't care or don't want to use that anymore than it is a different topics;)
  13. Jack Dui

    Some know Moroccon bank ?

    It is possible doing online banking in English as they have English version in their wensite. For company formation in Morocco, I'll suggest you find a good reputed agent. They will solve your all questions.
  14. Jack Dui

    Offshore Banking: Is It REALLY Illegal?

    Interesting!!! Actually it's happening not only in Romania and Ukraine but also other parts of the world.
  15. Jack Dui

    Do you know if accountant can register offshore company?

    He is in Italy, that is not a issue. I think he have friends or agent in Belize, he will work as a medium only.
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