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  • Hello James,
    can you please PM me? I want to you to remove some of my messages. Thanks
    Hello James,

    I have contacted the admin team through the 'Contact Us' form, would you mind take a look at it?
    Thank you
    Hi, I tried sending a PM to someone with my email but it wouldn’t send. Is this against the rules?
    Hello! I tried to search around the forum for it but i can't find. If i'm not wrong you made a post like: "best not CRS investment" or something like that. Do i remember correctly and can you link me the post?
    Plz I need guidance on how to make payment to offshorecorp talk.I also need list of forums I have access to after payment
    Hey Admin, I have used the not allowed to mention here "fla...theo.com".. website to incorporate in ST. VINCENT.
    It seems there's not alot of information about them in the web, I am afraid maybe company documents is fake, how can I be sure?
    What do you think are they trustworth? why not allowed to mention name too?

    James Spader
    James Spader
    post your story in a thread and ignore that the word is censored I will take care of it once I see it. you can tag @ me in the thread
    Hi, we have an issue with our posts. Once we post the reply, it automatically disappears on the days after. Can you please advise?
    James Spader
    James Spader
    Because what you post is considered advertising which isn't allowed, you don't even respond to emails we have send to you.

    I allowed this one reply you made today, but no future promotion posts from you will be accepted.
    I saw in the forum banner for Leon-formation but it was deleted. Should I worry about something regarding them?
    Paypal have informed me that the monthly payment I was making for the Mentor Group Gold has been cancelled. I'm not sure why this happened as I did not request this. Do I need to just reregister in the Mentor group?
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