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anonymous crypto exchange

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  1. JohnK

    Any possible ways to open anonymous offshore bank account longer?

    Yeah the user @auric which isn't active here any longer set it all up. I have send you a PM @kanakke seems you can do something for me.
  2. JohnK

    Are all online "banks" EMIs?

    I have read about Monese a few times on the forum already and it seems to be great.. still I have no approved account, waiting....baw3##
  3. JohnK

    Secure and private bank with these requirements?

    don't they have any reporting there?
  4. JohnK

    Online business, web product, offshore solution

    Have you tried with 2checkout or wirecard?
  5. JohnK

    offshore company for crypto trading

    But they have limits aprox 20K per year and you are off with them! :(
  6. JohnK

    Buy bitcoin for USD or EUR what's the fastest way?

    how long have you been using them if I may ask? do you transfer directly to your account?
  7. JohnK

    Global Money Laundering Watchdog Briefed on Korea’s Crypto-Friendly Rules

    Thanks for the share, great information.
  8. JohnK

    list of bitcoin exchanges that accept creditcard?

    The title is different from the discussion here or did I miss something nai¤%
  9. JohnK

    offshore company for crypto trading

    There was a Poland bank discussed on the forum before and which is crypto friendly. Think this Bitcoin friendly Banks or EMIs is one of them.
  10. JohnK

    Can you use offshore company and bank account in UAE if you are online stock/cryptocurrency trader?

    Seems Transferwise only have shared IBAN's TransferWise Bank Details | TransferWise Support & FAQ - International Money Transfer
  11. JohnK

    Buy bitcoin for USD or EUR what's the fastest way?

    You tried Coinbase - Buy/Sell Digital Currency ?
  12. JohnK

    XinFin token is it a ICO?

    most of the ICO's are scam and have no real business plan to provide! One need to be careful with what you invest your hard earned money into! I have not the answer for this company beside their heavy advertising campaign!
  13. JohnK

    Obtaining a Payment Processing License

    you need to have staff in place in order to run such a business! It's complicated and really expensive to get started! Whitelabel is a great start but still it will require you to know something about this business.
  14. JohnK

    I would like to become a Financial Ghost

    Did you become a financial Ghost already? if so, mind to share what you figured out already?
  15. JohnK

    What is the best country or offshore country to incorporate a company that sells cryptocurrencies?

    You seem to be correct.. I'm in the process to setup such an exchange business without license. Most people (agency services) I have asked tell me I don't need a license to trade crypto, but I need a license if I do exchange from crypto to fiat! Who is going to note what I'm doing actually?
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