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    Non-Payment of Exit Tax?

    I have a straightforward hypothetical scenario for consideration. If I were to permanently abandon residency of a country with an expatriation ('exit') tax while holding a bank account abroad in a CRS jurisdiction, would the original departure country be able to easily re-claim any expatriation...
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    Question Simplest offshore bank set-up?

    I never would have expected such high-quality replies on an open online forum. Thank you so much to everyone who responded. I definitely have enough to chew on to keep me busy over the next 12 months or so. The intended separation is my initiative and therefore the timing is (mostly) mine as...
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    Question Simplest offshore bank set-up?

    Thank you for your comprehensive reply. The funds are 'dark', in the sense that the other interested party is oblivious to their existence and they're not even in the same country. Any legal risk to them is low. I'd just rather keep the money as far away from both of us as possible. I'm...
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    Question Simplest offshore bank set-up?

    Good morning everyone I see an enormous amount of information on this forum about complex offshore company structures and so forth. I am only in need of an offshore bank account that is resistant to potential minor civil litigation in my home country. From what I have read, CIM in Switzerland...
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