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  1. Konstanz

    Dubai address

    I am not searching for virtual office. I am searching accommodation to use just couple times a year. Like a hotel who would let to use their address as personal address
  2. Konstanz

    Dubai address

    Interested to get real Dubai address without buying or renting apartment. Are there any services like hotels or other services who provide an address in nice building with ability to receive mail etc? I am planning to apply for Dubai residency, but don't live in Dubai at least for now. But I...
  3. Konstanz

    (Tax) residency wanted. Down to the real problem of being a digital nomad

    solution to your problem would be UAE residence: 1. Forming UAE FZE company 2. You will get visa and residence 3. Visit UAE 2 times a year What is your home country?
  4. Konstanz

    Business Bank Accounts for British Virgin Isle (BVI) Company

    I never said it's impossible but it's close to impossible. Also banking in Panama or BVI is not so convenient as having account in Europe. As I said there are better set-ups for investments into tech companies. Anyway, @Gediminas is helping with such cases as discussed here. Open bank accounts...
  5. Konstanz

    Business Bank Accounts for British Virgin Isle (BVI) Company

    Contact @Gediminas he can help you with that matter However, I am not sure if BVI company is the best set-up to invest into tech companies. BVI company has to have substance in BVI to be able to use it as holding company. This is new BVI regulations. There are other structuring possibilities...
  6. Konstanz

    How does UK non-dom plan actually work?

    What do you mean not control foreign companies? What are the risks for non-dom to control offshore companies for example BVI?
  7. Konstanz

    Dubai property downpayment with cash

    They attack me, because of my business turnovers etc. I can be considered 'big fish'. Yes, when they see it's not worth they would not put any effort. For example, if we talk about some man working in Germany in McDonalds who moved there from Spain, they would not be interested at all. But if we...
  8. Konstanz

    Dubai property downpayment with cash

    I am from EU country too. I have moved to other EU country. I had to prove everything from my rental agreements, flight tickets, utility bills , doctor visits etc. They do everything they can to prove that I still remain tax resident in my home country. They are so desperate, maybe it's because...
  9. Konstanz

    Georgia opinions

    Forget Georgia. It's fun for a visit to see , but for life it's not a place if you expect western lifestyle. Also it's not English speaking country. They have their language and their letters, so it's impossible to understand for foreigner. Totally different culture. If you are from Russia or...
  10. Konstanz

    Goodbye to Dubai and all UAE Banks friendliness?

    Of course they will do everything to keep the same model. I am sure it will stay few years. But anyway, you should worry not about UAE changes, but about investigations by home country
  11. Konstanz

    Goodbye to Dubai and all UAE Banks friendliness?

    You can but they see its 200$ rent agreement in UAE. They will understand that you don't live there
  12. Konstanz

    Goodbye to Dubai and all UAE Banks friendliness?

    It depends. Let's say home country has DTA agreement with UAE. It's enough to show that you don't have address/residence in home country, but you have permanent home address in UAE. However, if they check and see that you don't live in UAE, so the question were you live will arise. They can...
  13. Konstanz

    Any BANKERA.COM experiences?

    Probably they had AML reason to reject your application. It's always nice when the banks open accounts and frustrating then they don't. I understand your anger, but I think they take the fee because they have too many applications. Personally me they opened corporate and personal accounts, so I...
  14. Konstanz

    Life in UAE advantages & disadvantages

    It's 1m AED minimum, not 5m AED. Some people just don't want incorporate companies, they just want to buy property and move in. Of course, company incorporation + visa is cheaper Probably they want to boost real estate market, that's why the step is quite high
  15. Konstanz

    Question Dividends as non dom in cyprus

    What the point of Cyprus if you have to pay tax? Many countries have tax free minimums. It's also an Island. I don't really see the advantages of Cyprus comparing to UAE
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