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  1. Lazzersan

    Quarantined until 2022 according to Bill Gates

    Quarantine can last much longer than 2022. Just run to the people a new virus and begin all over again.
  2. Lazzersan

    How do you think about the Vaccine from Pfizer?

    Yeah, like water .... in the Ganges river:rolleyes::D:D:D:D
  3. Lazzersan

    Protonmail - servers are unreachable?

    I have a proton running, everything is OK? Maybe it has already repaired, and I just did not have time to see the damage? You have everything ok?
  4. Lazzersan

    What you say Gold is best anonymous investment ?

    investments in digital gold have now faded a little into the background, as the cryptocurrency has eclipsed investor interest in this metal, but I continue to hold some assets in gold as I consider these investments to be the most stable.
  5. Lazzersan

    Buying rural home in it/bg or es?

    It's very cool to have your own home, especially during the quarantine period. But if you rely on that you will run there during periods of a pandemic or other cases, then you need to take into account that the borders may be closed, and it is better to consider the site somewhere near your...
  6. Lazzersan

    What is your review of Quppy?

    Well, I wouldn’t call these issues serious. As I understand, they integrated some new features, so IBAN creation was temporarily blocked. Once they solved it, IBANs became available again.
  7. Lazzersan

    What is your review of Quppy?

    Yeah, I’ve heard about that. I’ve contacted Quppy’s support service. They admit that there is a problem and said they will solve it. However, I wonder, how reliable quppy’s promises really are?
  8. Lazzersan

    What is your review of Quppy?

    Quppy seems like a pretty interesting wallet to me, so I'm thinking of trying it out. But how careful should I be? Can developers be trusted?
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