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UK Ltd with emi bank account

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    I need a Swiss GmBH in Lugano or Zug, who can help?

    WoW that's a huge difference, wonder what the other two guys figured out?? Do you have any leads or links to some that can do the entire AG job for the prices you mentioned?
  2. lory

    I need a Swiss GmBH in Lugano or Zug, who can help?

    thank you, do you have any suggestion to a skilled one?
  3. lory

    I need a Swiss GmBH in Lugano or Zug, who can help?

    Are there any other suggestions to service providers we can trust and that work fast in Switzerland?
  4. lory

    sanctioned country citizen to open offshore company

    OP there is some very useful advise here from OCT's Gurus which I would follow if I would be in your shoes.
  5. lory

    Second passport

    I wonder why this is such a hot topic, for me it would be easy to Google the Internet find a law firm in the particular country where I want to have my second passport and let them do the work. For instant in Cyprus I know a very well established firm that helped me back in time.
  6. lory

    Card processing and banking options for Gambling Curacao

    but if you have one you can get a online casino with processing facility in Curacao, or did this change with Giro Bank when they changed name and owners?
  7. lory

    High risk payment gateway?

    You can use a Delaware company for payment processing only with 3rd party payment processors or US processors like Stripe and 2co. European payment processors will require you to incorporate a business in the EU / Europe!
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    Want to learn how you setup 100% anonymous High Risk Merchant Account?

    We need more advice from specialists like you @uplana for the mentor group. I know there are few more users here which have high level skills in the gray area of this business area.
  9. lory

    Need a partner with a overseas business for joint venture, marketing business

    You better don't advertise your business here without mentor group access. People get banned quickly.
  10. lory

    Review of DSBC financial europe are they legit

    Don't you think we all know that this is a business to stay away from? I read the thread from the beginning and know DSBC Financial in Europe is not something I will touch.
  11. lory

    I need a Swiss GmBH in Lugano or Zug, who can help?

    very good to know, maybe I will have them put this in an contract.
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    Open Bank Account Remotely?

    I believe you are right. So it would be nice of a list for 2021 with banks that open accounts remotely, with or without video call.
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    I need a Swiss GmBH in Lugano or Zug, who can help?

    Asked for a proposal from fizh.ch They told me that it is not possible to stay hidden from the company register if I setup a GmBH in Zug, they say it must be an AG I asked why and awaiting their reply! They charge 4500 CHF for the setup of a AG so I'm curious to learn what they will charge for...
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    How to make money by investing in Gold?

    Gold is not a bad investment at all, but it is a very long time investment, 5,10 and even 20 years are not unusual. You can follow the Gold price here: https://goldprice.org/gold-price-euros.html and you can buy Gold online for instant here: https://wertanlagen.robbeberking.de/gold.html Or...
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    What's the best 2FA device, supporting google 2fa to buy?

    ahhh, sorry, now I understand I'm a little slow with some topics. thank you all, I think I got it now.
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