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  1. lostguy

    Cyprus company for my new business activity!

    What you mean is better stay away from nominees if we want an EMI? What about to get the company, get the EMI account setup and then appoint a nominee director and shareholder? The EMI will never question it afterwards.
  2. lostguy

    CSB Cook Islands

    would like to read about valid agent that can help to setup company, foundations and trusts in Cook Islandsnai¤%
  3. lostguy

    List of Banks, EMI's, Payment processors and BTC to FIAT institutions.

    please share more.. this is awesome as most already pointed out here.
  4. lostguy


    great thanks for sharing your opinion. I have read a few threads already on OCT about euro pacific but not something like this!
  5. lostguy

    Offshore bank account that doesn't mind cryptocurrencies

    after more than a year I would be interested to know where did you setup your business and what bank account did you opened? I have been looking for a very long time to find something and thought you may have found it.
  6. lostguy

    bank internal docs

    What internal docs are you looking for?
  7. lostguy

    Anyone used TurnerLittle?

    They are good in what they are doing! However, what's your needs?
  8. lostguy

    Moving to Portugal

    Not many, but there are listed a few here Notable Members
  9. lostguy

    Moving to Portugal

    You may consider to open a Belize or Seychelles company to invoice your customers! That would require that your customers accept to be invoiced from these jurisdiction! So they can pay in to an EMI account like Mister Tango and you can withdraw the money using the debit card or bank transfer...
  10. lostguy

    Offshore bank account needed

    I just contacted this bank with their contact form, will be waiting for their response. Awesome thread 2 offshore banks in a row ;)
  11. lostguy

    Address Verfication document need to know where to buy?

    for paypal use Fiverr gig only valid option, you get it for $20
  12. lostguy

    Offshore company without public register or nominees - lowest cost

    yeah I know I own a entity that is anonymous, thanks to both @auric and you @diablo ;)
  13. lostguy

    Offshore company without public register or nominees - lowest cost

    Belize if you have any options to open an account for it. Seems LeuPay, Mister Tango and Revolut are the winners for this purpose!
  14. lostguy

    Noob looks for anonymous offshore company and bank please?

    they don't accept Belize any longer! too bad!
  15. lostguy

    Offshore IBC company for tax management

    you always want to split your money in several accounts! You never know what is going to happen tomorrow!
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