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  1. Marc Rich

    Second passport

    no it would not, they will send you away. You have to get in touch with firms or CSPs or government agents for the countries. I am one of them :)
  2. Marc Rich

    Second passport

    St Kitts maybe not, but there could be some other countries that could be an option. Those with less due diligence (if you are not on Interpol red notice etc then you are OK)
  3. Marc Rich

    Dubai bank account for crypto business

    Hi, I might have a solution for you. I will send you a PM
  4. Marc Rich

    EU Passport

    Montenegro is more or less a failed program and is shutting down this year. The only official program is Malta for a second passport from EU. There are also a few EU programs available off-market, however I will not list them here. If you are looking to get EU access only, you can better apply...
  5. Marc Rich

    Question Which banks accept which offshore locations?

    I would advise CIM bank for your situation. I can help with this if needed. Feel free to get in touch for some suggestions.
  6. Marc Rich

    Australia Dubai relocation plan

    Can also get in touch with me to provide a second opinion. Can suggest a tailor-made package for you. I provide these services and have done so for similar situations in the past. I am UAE (Dubai) based.
  7. Marc Rich

    Second Passports

    Turkey amongst other nations also have access to the E2 as part of the treaty, but imho - who wants to settle in the USA especially now? ns2
  8. Marc Rich

    How does dual citizenship actually works?

    it all depends on your country X dual-citizenship laws. For example, some countries - their citizens are prohibited to get a second passport (think China, India, Kazakhstan etc) while some have no limits (Russia). If you are for example a Chinese citizen and you travel back to China on your...
  9. Marc Rich

    Best Country for Tax Residency

    can you provide more info on this? Source?
  10. Marc Rich

    EU Bank acc & Company Formation - advice needed

    Thanks for your response, please enlighten me with such EMIs in thanks in advance
  11. Marc Rich

    EU Bank acc & Company Formation - advice needed

    Hi, Asking for a 'friend' as he is not on this forum. For a Turkish national in the aviation business (private charter, selling air rights etc.) who wants to incorporate a company in the EU with bank accounts, what would people suggest? Latvia was an option but another Turkish friend has had...
  12. Marc Rich

    Offshore Tax Advice

    yes not necessarily a tax advisor firm, yes I have someone
  13. Marc Rich

    Maintaining Assets in India while obtaining second passport

    Great, thank you. If anyone else wants to chime in, please feel free to do so
  14. Marc Rich

    Maintaining Assets in India while obtaining second passport

    Trying to achieve: retain farmland ownership while obtaining a second passport and becoming OCI
  15. Marc Rich

    Maintaining Assets in India while obtaining second passport

    No no, there is no plans to sell anything. The farm land was given to the individual by his father, it is legally in the sons name. He wants to obtain second passport and renounce Indian Citizenship, while still have assets in India. Needs solution on how to best proceed. So is the only viable...
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