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    OffshorePlace is REVIEW?

    You joined 17 minutes ago and wrote this review 4 minutes ago. And you said you found this provider here then ordered a Swiss bank account, sent your passport copy and the account opened.. Effectively, if they can open a Swiss bank account in 13 minutes all included they are very quick..
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    How to Avoid CRS - 3 Options as of 2019

    As per my understanding, ESR apply only to those individuals who are shareholders/mangers/directors of the UAE company AND the foreign connected company.... So if you have only your UAE company you are not concerned by the ESR.
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    Bank account opening for LLC (United Arab Emirates companies

    DMCC is also doing a special covid-19 offer, business license+flexidesk at AED 26k (~7500$)... You must yet add visa cost ect...
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    Bank account opening for LLC (United Arab Emirates companies

    Yes but what are your chance to get a decent bank account for RAK FZC over a DMCC FZC ? I heard that KIZAD FZC has the best rate of bank accounts opened ... But there is a paid capital mandatory of around 45k$..
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    Business Account for U.A.E. resident in Dubai

    @eminem24 did you try Swissquote? I heard they open for any UAE Freezone.
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    Tax on foreign income, in France

    Even if you have your UAE residence you will be taxed in France if you spend in more than 183 days per year. If you are under the radar they will not check you but it is risky to play game with them.... Better to relocate really in UAE and live in France less than 6 months a year.
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    United Arab Emirates - AMCFZ Company

    Business account. Personal account is easy in lot of banks as soon as you get your Emirates ID.
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    United Arab Emirates - AMCFZ Company

    I have a friend who opened in Ajman Media City (E-commerce license) with a small office 10sqm and got an account at Noor bank. The most important is the lease agreement.
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    United Arab Emirates - AMCFZ Company

    In which Freezone are you going to incorporate it?
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    Non-Resident Business Banking: One Question To Increase Your Success

    Good informations, could you point me to a physical bank (no need to be a major) in US which can accept to open remotely a business account for a NM LLC with 2 non US citizens nor residents shareholders? The activity is related to e-commerce luxury goods. You can pm me if preferred. Thanks in...
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    EMI for UAE/Dubai

    Can I ask you in which Freezone you are in as I am looking to get one in uae and not pick the worst. You can pm me if you don't want to make it public. Thanks.
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    Even with a physical office with lease agreement?
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    Maybe choosing a Dubai FZ should help in a biz account opening.
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    Do you know if there arz banking options outside UAE for a Fujhaira FZ? Maybe CIM bank or Something?
Offshore Bank Accounts
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