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    Indian resident ( FUNDED fx trader) - exploring individual or business offshore choices

    I see a lot of Indians are interested in Forex trading and looking for a solution to bypass the law made by Indian government. When the law was enforced a couple of years back, every major fx brokers suggested their Indian customers to open a global account to keep trading. And it proved to be...
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    Bankera (Any EMI) To interactive broker or Saxo bank (Stock Broker) ?

    I'm looking for a similar solution. I was thinking to go with Bankera to deposit and withdraw with IBKR but I'm confused since there are mixed opinions in every relevant thread. Please let me know if you found any.
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    Is Bankera good for Interactive Brokers

    Yes, I've seen several comments like this. According to an old member, the reason behind IB rejecting EMI transactions is either failure to prove the source of income (money that is being deposited), transacting significantly large amounts or depositing from one bank/emi and withdrawing to...
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    Is Bankera good for Interactive Brokers

    Did IBKR blocked the payments from wise ? Yes, I assume they accept emi as @Gediminas mentioned above. Also someone said they've used Dukascopy for IBKR in another thread.
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    Is Bankera good for Interactive Brokers

    Thank you for your response. If you don't mind, please tell me about their 3 level of kyc, as I've seen some thread here where people mentioned that they got rejected even after paying €400 something.
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    Setup for Crypto and Stock trading

    Hello, please tell me your views about Interactive Brokers for option trading. I'm planning to open a UK LLC to trade stock options in IBKR as UK has some tax benefits for foreign-owned llc/llp. And withdraw the profits as salary or using invoices (in case salary route causes any kind of...
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    InteractiveBrokers + Seychelles IBC -> account closure

    Hey, is IBKR allowing UK LLC accounts nowadays? Specifically for stock options trading. LLC owners are non high risk SE Asian country residents. Please let me know if anybody had opened an small business brokerage account with IBKR recently.
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    How to properly remit profits from UK LLP as an employee

    I'm willing to pay income tax in my home country. No issues with that. A local accountant suggested me a similar solution as yours, to send invoices for services/consultancy to the UK LLP to remit money. It attracts some extra expenses every year but I guess this is a better way than the salary...
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    How to properly remit profits from UK LLP as an employee

    Hello everyone. After joining this forum I've found that forming a UK LLP for trading is a better option for me in every manner. But I've a few concerns regarding remitting profits earned to my home country. The only way that came into my mind was to remit the profits as salary from the business...
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    Premium Advertising Partner WE CAN HELP to open bank account for your high-risk industry business or build the whole corporate structure

    Hello, I'm preparing to form an UK LLP for stock trading (not crypto or anything questionalble) next month. Can you help me get a bank account that could provide me a global card that can be used at pos and atm in countries other than UK.
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    Dubai Compnay Formation for Stock/Derivative Trading

    Does Interactive Brokers allow derivatives trading (stocks options/calls and puts trading) in Dubai?
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    Is Bankera good for Interactive Brokers

    I have an IBKR stock trading account and I'm facing slippage of around 9% in forex conversion while depositing funds and withdrawing profits into my local bank account. As brokers don't allow deposits from EMIs and third-party payments, I'm kinda confused whether I should open a Bankera account...
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