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    NFT wallet which one?

    I just saw on television about NFT What wallet is good for this which exchange can handle it? Finally what is their official website?
  2. pesto

    Jurisdiction with a tax treaty with Portugal, but dividends exempt from taxation

    Wonder if this works well with a Georgia or Malta company, will be following this thread.
  3. pesto

    Quick Guide To Get Your Offshore Business Up & Running

    was through the same process for some time back, lot's of waste of time!
  4. pesto

    Quick Guide To Get Your Offshore Business Up & Running

    I read this and the real guide in the mentor group, both well written, the full version in the MG shows how difficult it can be to setup such a structure as you did but explains with names and details how to do it. Kudos to the OCT team thu&¤#
  5. pesto

    Important! We are happy to announce extending our team of Moderators!

    congratulations on the new title and status, Im sure this will be a better forum.
  6. pesto

    Can you predict the next jump on Etherum?

    So game over for a 2k USD ether ?
  7. pesto

    What's savest EMI for 20K SEPA transfers without blocking?

    What EMI did you find for your project OP ?
  8. pesto


    I agree with the gentlemen I had no issues with this bank, you may have some shady business or hidden agenda OP!
  9. pesto

    After registering UK Ltd my mobile phone get 10 - 20 spam calls a day!!!

    yeah but they call the shit out of you, I got my phone number changed to a prepaid sim which I never use anyway. That solved my problem.
  10. pesto

    Seeking reputable offshore company.

    some suggestions would help us a lot ;)
  11. pesto

    I need a UK company formation agent or Someone that accepts BTC for non-resident

    You can try @James Turner and turner little I believe they accept crypto for payments!
  12. pesto

    Swiss GmBH in Zug + address + resident director

    @lory did you get your setup already, I want to know if this is going as a smooth process?
  13. pesto

    Wyoming, Delaware or New Mexico, please tell me what's your choice?

    guess it requires a good lawyer to deal with the setup!
  14. pesto

    Can you predict the next jump on Etherum?

    I want to know if someone of you can predict if Ethereum will rise again to 2K in the near (very near) future?
  15. pesto

    Is this real? Exodus asset vulnerable

    I keep getting this email: The email address is this one: [email protected] Is this a Phishing mail?
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