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  1. regis1

    killer youtube video about china business as usual :)

    killer video: bank of china, hk, laundromats, etc
  2. regis1

    USA business bank account for UK company?

    well if you aren't able to pitch your idea clearly to Lord Everson, are you really sure that you'll be able to pitch to a bunch of investors asking for their money ? I am sorry but your plan smell dodgy from really far away :)
  3. regis1

    ipagoo EMI kaboooooomm

    Winter already here! https://www.fca.org.uk/news/news-stories/ipagoo-llp-has-entered-administration
  4. regis1

    Germany only country where you can buy a car with 20K euro in Cash?

    you guys are more doomers than all zeroedge editors together!! :) :)
  5. regis1

    Done with EPB - Need An alternative

    well mistertango have the worst support on earth!
  6. regis1

    hello offshoreworld!

    great forum! just need to make some money now :)
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