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    I found a great bitcoin payment processor

    Btcpay server, setup your own gateway for free. Open source... More words spam
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    Bulgaria or Cyprus for company and residency?

    It is not suitable if it is above 20% of your turnover.
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    Bulgaria or Cyprus for company and residency?

    But the exit tax only applies on company assets, not private. So if i close the company in romania and after 2 months move me and my assets to another european country, i won't pay an exit tax? I'm planning to relocate next year to romania from germany doing business a couple years, paying 3%...
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    Verify Paypal Company Account with Personal Credit Card

    That's possible, without problems. Sorry, an error has occurred root! Your post is too short. It must contain a minimum of 5 word and above. your curent word is 4
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    Reputable bank for an Incorporated company in BVI?

    Maybe some people are interested on those information..
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