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    Possibilities of food processing offshore business!

    I am not an expert but what the studies show I am going to put down over here. Europe faces milk crises quite frequently because of some or the other reason, so there are bright chances of setting up a offshore company to sell milk products.
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    Switzerland's Last Day As A Tax Haven

    It will be good if some reasonable steps are taken to reform the system, otherwise the things are getting out of control. Such a step was long awaited.
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    To evade taxes.

    Lot many people make use of offshore business opportunities to evade taxes but is it fine to choose such a path. Taxes and revenues make economy of a country strong and stout. Evading taxes- is it a fair deal?
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    World's Best Companies 2009

    It is good to come across such comments, the recession in recent past has left millions in distress. I also keep on hunting for such snippets.It brings quite a relief to all those dismayed hearts.
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    Olympics Won, Brazil's Work Begins

    It was good to see the enthusiasm that the Brazilians showed when this news got disclosed. The news channels flashed the pictures of dancing Brazilians, I liked the spirit that the people showed. The 2016 Olympics will surely be the most memorable ones.
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    How many days it will take for paypal cheque?

    Underage guys should refrain from getting an account with paypal or as far any bank, but as far cheque is concerned it depends where you are placed-it takes somewhere around 15 to 20 days business days depending on the country where you are.
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    Paypal Account - Verified and Un-verified

    I think transactions conducted through paypal are quite safe. Though I am not having a verified account but my friends and my clients are doing business worth millions over internet and their all money transactions are through paypal only.
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    Best place to create offshore company for gambling site?

    Well in most of the countries getting a license for gambling site has been made an expensive affair. I think the revenue collected from gambling sites run into billions.Online gambling is a huge business.
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    Which is the most exploited place?

    Which place according to you is most popular for offshore business purposes. As far I am aware its Mexico-there are many countries which get most of their machinery, cars and other construction equipments procured from Mexico. In 2007 surveys showed that every 8 cars out of 10 cars on road were...
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    Where do you set up an offshore company office?

    It is an interesting query, I think if you are able to handle every thing on internet things would become completely simple. This is a layman's line of thought but there must be some set rules in this context. I would like to explore this issue little more.
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    My paypal was hacked recently

    What about getting security against ID thefts- I have read that millions of data is lost in USA itself every year- I wonder if the security against ID thefts possible?
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    paypal scam mails

    We must share if we happen to get such messages so that people around get aware of such scams and don't land up in any sort of trouble.
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    Forex Trading, Attention, a good business oportunity

    My husband is very much interested in Forex Trading business, he has done ample of surveys and he says he can handle things, well I am little scared of all this I somehow find it a very risky. How to tell him to stay away from Forex- I am lil confused.
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    Disclosing PayPal earnings

    Well I do disclosing my earnings to the concerned authorities, though the the amount I earn is exempted from tax but I want to be on safe side. It is better to abide by the laws of the place where you are putting up.
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    blogging makes money

    I have seen people making decent money by blogging-of course one has to regularly work hard only then some return is possible. andrew25 I am little dismayed after reading your comment 2 yrs -isn't it a long span, that means I will have to wait for a year and half to enjoy some returns from my blog.