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UK Ltd with emi bank account

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    Please read - A fast Offshore Corporate Document Solution!

    Hey Khanen ! Sent a mail
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    Opening UK LTD makes me liable for tax in UK ?

    I read this in another thread. Do you think it's a viable solution to use those EMI and Payment gateway without having to become taxable on the UK ?
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    Opening UK LTD makes me liable for tax in UK ?

    Thanks for the reply ! Luckily, I won't have to pay any corp tax on my home country on the remaining since it's 0% for the first 5 years for this type of activity. For the 5% are you referring to this ?
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    Opening UK LTD makes me liable for tax in UK ?

    That's even more confusing fin4774" What would the uk expect me to pay for them ? I got many small biz, one for example on affiliate marketing. I will start receiving earnings on an EMI opened using the UK LTD. Should I start paying UK tax on this earning ? What is their explanation for this ...
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    Opening UK LTD makes me liable for tax in UK ?

    Hi. I'm now living in Senegal, and an advertisement company I'm working with is asking me to verify my account using business documents in the next 7 days maximum. The fastest way of incorporating is by opening a UK LTD. I will use it for verification, and to open account with 1 or 2 EMI. Would...
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    UK company / Non EU director, Wich bank or Emi?

    @Bmw850 Hey ! I'm in the same boat as you. did you manage to open accounts with EMI succesfully ?
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    Where to incorporate for EMI ?

    Estonia don't have access to Stripe unfortunately. It's really confusing. I can't find a solution to fully suit me. It's either a US LLC but I will have to deal with the IRS, or a UK Ltd with all the VAT issues when selling to other european countries ... I read that a Gibraltar Ltd is exempt...
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    US Visa/MC plastic card provider for non resident non citizens?

    Revolut for Business is currently available for companies registered and with a physical presence within the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland. Does this mean that even with a UK Ltd, if we're not resident in the EEA we won't be able to open a business account ?
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    Where to incorporate for EMI ?

    Thanks for the reply. Morocco. I'd like to avoid shady countries. I also read that I can avoid all tax if I incorporate in Canada and have 0 income from Canadian clients, but I won't have access to most EMI
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    Where to incorporate for EMI ?

    Hi everyone. I would like to incorporate in Europe to get access to EMI that are only available there as I often need different cards for my business. For my background, i'm a resident of a country that's not commited to the AEOI. My business is mainly online, and it got no physical presence...
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    EMI for Stripe account 2018

    As far as I know, no EMI is offering automatic direct debit for now
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    Best Payment Processors List

    What's the front shop trick, if you don't mind please. Is it possible to do it using Shopify ?
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    Mentor Group for anonymity!

    At first, I joined the forum just to check the price of the mentor group. I still haven't made the decision since there's no trial, or at least a peek of what's there. I essentially need EMI, and Payment processing for my small ecom business that I can't scale due to these issues
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    Effect of EEA. No more IBAN for Global users

    Thanks ! This is exactly what I needed. The only issue now is the LLC and all the tax issues that come with it taha"¤%
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    Effect of EEA. No more IBAN for Global users

    @niggashit Do I have to get an LLC in the US too if I want to use their service ? In their FAQ they ask for a bank account that accepts debit, which isn't possible with TW/Payoneer.
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