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  • Hi,superman, nice to meet u ,i just read your reply in a post that u work with some European acquirers for porn business, is it avilable for me to have further more infomations.
    HI superman. Due to the understandable interest of keeping solutions private in order to keep solutions alive, would you please send me a PM so I can explain?
    Many thanks
    Hello superman.

    I´m trying to open an account in MACEDONIA, probably I will need to fly there to open.
    I will like to ask you to things if you are so kind to answer to me:
    1. Withch bank in Skopje do you recommend me to go? It would be a private account, just to hide some money I receive.

    2.Is it completly sure that they don´t share any information with the other Europeean contries??
    Thanks in advanced:
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Offshore Bank Accounts