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    Uk LLP problem with stripe

    are they dodgy?
  2. tacokai

    Question Is there a country in Europe that allows to keep company director names private?

    what are the countries? your answer make second to none sense..trolltroll¤##
  3. tacokai

    List of Banks, EMI's, Payment processors and BTC to FIAT institutions.

    It would be obvious you have to pay in the capital or buy bank shares!
  4. tacokai

    The Mole: Infiltrating North Korea - new documentary

    I'm in, will watching it tonight at home with a some friends and beers!
  5. tacokai

    e-Money license in Estonia - this guy know the shit!

    I have been searching for information about the e-Money License from Estonia and how it works, I want to know share capital required, upfront costs and infrastructure requirements. I used Google in my research, and this awesome search engine came up with this guy: I wonder how serious they...
  6. tacokai

    Buy Real Estate Cash.

    In Turkey they allow to buy property by bitcoin according to this guy Did you guys know that? I only believe it was UAE, Switzerland and the USA !
  7. tacokai

    Migom Bank (Dominica)

    You reopened this thread or what does you last post mean? Migom Bank must have learned by this wise man
  8. tacokai

    The philosophy behind is similar to that of John Locke

    Found this nice and true video, it's interesting
  9. tacokai

    why would you need someone to introduce you, simply approach them.. open a thread and ask so you...

    why would you need someone to introduce you, simply approach them.. open a thread and ask so you will get lots of replies.
  10. tacokai

    How comes, Kraken takes 10 times longer than AdvCash to clear!!

    I noticed kraken shows the confirmation "circle" when you receive bitcoins, problem is just they wait for eaches even after 6 confirmations to put the crypto in your account.
  11. tacokai

    Uk LLP Advice

    do you know if this is only apply for local UAE companies or also foreigners setting up a company in the UAE?
  12. tacokai

    Someone using ?

    I'm watching the video below Does someone has invested in COSMOS crypto coin?
  13. tacokai

    What website are you using to predict cryptocurrencies?

    If you trust the guy here, you will get some good tips on how to predict the cryptomarket
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