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    Forum for Investment, please suggest topics covered!

    Awesome Feedbacks and Ideas from all. basically interests could cover Accessing physical Banking Suitable jurisdictions for entities Crypto to fiat and vice versa Global visa access/Residency discussions. B2B/P2P.

    PayPal USD Withdrawal to EMI without 3% Fee? Avoid PayPal Exchange Rate?

    probable scenario, get a paypal acct duly setup with Bank card verified and attached to paypal acct. send funds paypal to paypal and cashout via the card attached to the receiving paypal. physical card would be shipped to you. moreso for new paypal acct, funds must be sent in trickles as it...

    Advice: offshore/digital bank needed

    @EcuadorExpat you would require to setup a biz banking acct, A duly registered Entity: Entity would acct as Supplier/purchaser of Local raw materials goods and services to and from south america, incoming payments from entity to receiving ecaudorian acct, would act as B2B Transactions...

    Coinbase warns users could lose their crypto holdings if the company goes bankrupt

    Cold Wallets Fellas, Cold Storage...Never Park funds at least significant funds on Emis.. Crypto laws and policies change over night..

    NON-KYC Virtual Cards that you can fund with crypto?

    what cash limits and holding capacity do you require the VCC to adhere to!!

    Elon Musk bought twitter and you don't care?

    @Martin Everson I think Elon Might just be taking one Giant Step for Mankind...Just like Drax did.. By the way moonraker is by far one of my fav james bond movies.... You sure did nail it..thu&¤#

    buy bitcoin cash payment

    @sashadaniel Basically be engaging in an exchange, carryout your DD carefully, no rush. as @Sols adviced on market places, start by setting up a EMI acct for P2P trades on a reputable EMI. a pointer would be Either get a Biz EMI acct or Personal acct that would give you access to High TRX...

    Proper way for FIAT to CRYPTO

    @Gnick i can deduce a few possible scenarios thus far. 1.probably your volumes 2.Entity used in purchasing crypto 3.moreso your purchase method on the Emi might not be an appropriate enough method

    Germany virtual phone number?

    @ciccino simply for a one off use or longterm!!

    Why it is not a good idea to use an offshore debit card in residential country?

    @newNomad basically a few factors come into play, 1.card should be setup anonymously. 2.card should be from offshore jurisdiction not within the US/EU. with no name plausible, though at point of setup card should be from Non CRS/Not actively reporting Nation. 4.if card would be used in...

    Question about Pre-Paid debit cards in UK

    do you currently have a SEPA channel setup for this. a non complex scenario would be simply reloading by crypto.. Do pm me

    Question about Pre-Paid debit cards in UK

    @palomino whats the average fiat holding capacity per card? do you require a single card setup or multiple cards? what would be the card's default denomination (£€$)? would this card be strictly for Fiat cashout or incorporated for POS payments as well.? if pos what limits would apply for...

    Question Business KYC fails due to me being overseas... how to buy business crypto?

    @Beardking yea in situations where sending and receiving entities are autonomous and non related to each other.. thus far Zelle and your bank are seperate entities i assume, as you made no mention of the receiving bank in question... if the scenario of zelle --->bisq then bisq as the...

    Source of funds for 50btc needed

    @Surebets the precise solution to that would ought to be a fully verified crypto EMI setup+ physical bank. send your USDT to EMI, USDT would be Transfered as Fiat Wire directly to bank acct attached to the EMI. and subsequently onwards transfer to Halifax or Wise via Wire facility of...

    Crypto friendly EMI and/or Bank for a foreign-owned US LLC

    @tacokai currently a propable solution for owners of LLCs would be to get an offshore entity , setup in a more friendly jurisdiction thats readily acceptable by EMIs. an added option would be setup a subsidiary based on the LLC services, business activity with same name as LLC, the subsidiary...