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Our little-known loopholes in offshore structures help our members to increase their profits by 30% per year

How much would a 30% increase in your annual profits mean to you and your company?
or maybe even $1,000,000 or more!


The difference between a company that increases their profits 30% and a company that loses out on that profit is the information they have available to them.


The famous saying “Knowledge is power” is extremely evident in the setting up and maintaining of offshore companies and bank accounts. Having access to the right knowledge can not only dramatically increase your profits but it can also help you to maintain 100% privacy and can protect your assets from any external threat.


Failure to have access to the right information will leave your company’s assets exposed to law suit and other threats, will cause your company to pay excessive taxes and will cause your privacy to be exposed. This is something you want to avoid no matter what!


Our team of professional legal and tax advisers are ready to help you create a strategy to protect your privacy and your profits. All you have to do is ask.

Look at the success we have already had (names altered for privacy purposes):


- Faldwin Finance Ltd were seeking an offshore holding company to receive dividends from a European company. By helping them establish a simple offshore structure they were able to receive dividends almost tax free.

- We helped Roxyn Ltd decrease their tax costs by over 30%, increasing their net profits dramatically.

- We were able to help Tritan Media Inc. create an offshore entity for holdings and asset protection that not only protects their assets but that gives the beneficial owner 100% anonymity and privacy.


We have designed two premium membership options to give you full access to the best, and most authoritative, information on offshore companies anywhere online. You will soon experience the fantastic results that our clients have achieved in the past, and continue to achieve today.

Our secret strategies (and little-known loopholes) mixed with expert advice from our team of professional legal and tax advisers will fast track your offshore success and give you the tried and proven methods to:

  • Structure your offshore company for the best results
  • Gain 100% anonymity and privacy
  • Protect your assets from any threat
  • Stop paying too much tax


Our membership options will give you access to the secrets that were too good to post on our public forums. These threads expose loop-holes in offshore jurisdictions and offshore structures that will help you add thousands of dollars to your annual net profit.


Our members have the opportunity to learn from real-life case studies about companies that have successfully reduced their tax and protected their profits with their offshore structures. Due to the nature of the industry, it is extremely rare to be given this insight into the inner workings of offshore companies and how they achieved success.


These lessons will help your company to succeed and to avoid the common traps that send profitable companies bankrupt.


Our members are also given the opportunity to ask our team of professional legal and tax advisers questions specific to their situation. This includes both sales and non-sales related questions, questions about taxation, financing, company structures and different offshore jurisdictions.


Our membership options are designed specifically with you and your company in mind. They give you access to the best information we have to offer and specific advice that is tailored to your needs.


Our membership options will see you paying less tax and having less financial exposure in little to no time at all! Save money, gain privacy and protect yourself and your assets.


Save money, gain privacy and protect yourself and your assets. Sign up for our Mentor Group today and find out why so many people put the faith of their offshore companies in the hands of


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  • Published
    May 28, 2016
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