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  1. Grexslo

    Company with hiden owner (register)

    Hi, need to register company anywhere on the world just to protect my UK company. On UK Limited company need change owner (shareholder) which will be this new company. So, need company which not provide owner details (name/last name/address/country ...) to third people. Let me know for very...
  2. Grexslo

    What to choose about Offshore Company?

    Hello there, until this year, so from 2014-2018 I used Belize company for sell my digital product and provide services in EU. I am EU citizen! Now need to change country of my offshore zone. What you recommended? Need: - hidden owner/director - 0% tax in country (like Belize) - remotelly opened...
  3. Grexslo

    Accepted Credit Cards - SEO

    Hello there. I just looking for worldwide payment processor, merchant account or payment gateway for accepted Visa, Master Cards, Amex ... Our business industry is SEO, writing content, PR, writing newsletters .... I have registered company in Uk and I am EU citizen. King Regards
  4. Grexslo

    Payment Processor for Forex Signals

    Hello there, after PayPal review my transaction is decision about closing my account. I am repeat this with my few companies in UK. Now, I need credit card payment processor or merchant account for my company and websites. Company is registered in UK with bank account in UK/Litva ... My...
  5. Grexslo

    Regular bank account for UK company

    Hello there, I have registered UK company and need bank account for this company. I mean bank account as regular bank and not money transfer service. Regular bank must offer opening bank account remotelly if is possible and can be opened anywhere on the world. Any suggestions?
  6. Grexslo

    Virtual Bank account for Belize

    Hello there, I would like to know, which bank you recommended to open virtual bank account for my company registered on Belize? I mean like Paysera, Mistertango, Sogexia ... Thank you :)
  7. Grexslo

    How to get UK VAT

    Hello, for my UK company, registered 2 months ago need UK Vat number. How get cheapest and fastest UK Vat number. I am non-uk. Thank you :)
  8. Grexslo

    Merchant Account - Forex Signals

    Hello, I sell Forex signals with my UK comapny and website. Which merchant account recommended? Bye
  9. Grexslo

    Accepting VISA/MC without PayPal ... click2sell?

    Hello, is here any Option for accepting Visa/MasrerCards without PayPal account. I looking for click2sell but not to know if is this what I need. I can not open account at PayPal because I have one on my UK company but it is Limited .... Best Regards,
  10. Grexslo

    Payment Processor - Merchant Account for FOREX Signals

    Dear all, I just looking for payment procesor or merchant account which allow accepted payment cards like VISA, Master Cards, AMEX, Discover ... on my websites with financial informations like Forex Articles and Forex Signals. I mean that is this as high risk pricessor. Since 2011 we use...
  11. Grexslo

    Delawere comapny + PayPal

    Hello all, I need to know if is here any problem with opening PayPal account on Delawere company? - For how long PayPal hold payments received by PayPal links? - Bank account must be opened in Delawere or can be in EU? I am EU citizen and sell digital goods via internet. Legal business ...
  12. Grexslo

    Hungary bank account ?

    Hello, I need corpoeate bank account in Hungary with EU comapny. Personal visit is available. Which bank you recommended me?
  13. Grexslo

    Nominee director for UK comapny

    Hello there, I just looking for nominee service for my UK comapny. Need just nominee director. Ja here any individual person od which service you recommended me? Best Regards