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  1. Gamblord

    Thailand is non-CRS until 2021 or 2022

    Anyone you know have experience using Thai banks?
  2. Gamblord

    Can it really be this easy?

    1.Register with (company resides in nonCRS/USA country) 2.give them CRS passport 3.send $PAX from your walleyt/exchange to account $PAX for USD bank account in non-CRS country 6.Withdraw, get a credit card you can use overseas. winning?
  3. Gamblord

    Georgian crypto taxation for CRS nationals

    Anyone know what the tax deal is here for foreigners of CRS countries that want to sell crypto for USD on exchange then move it to Georgian bank account? There's a lot of conflicting info. There's no capital gains tax in Georgia so crypto shouldn't be taxed. Also this income is made outside...