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    Offshoring Definition

    Jurisdiction = country, state, island - it is a common term used for tax haven
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    Getting the Best Offshore Payment Gateway

    Great share. I didn't know there was a major credit card processor in Bermuda actually. OP do you know how easy they are to get processing ?
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    Crisis protection!

    Did you survive :) ?
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    Gain Better Stability, Privacy, and Profitability with

    Do you incorporate businesses in Dominica and Cooks Islands too?
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    Cyprus company formation 2016

    From how I understand it, it's better to pay little tax in the offshore jurisdiction and make things legal rather than pay no tax at all and make it illegal only to get troubles with the tax office! Cyprus will help you to make things legal it seems if you get an accountant there to help you.
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    Offshore Company or Cyprus company what you think is best?

    From what I have been discussing with an agent it's the exact same procedure to register a company in almost any offshore jurisdiction the questions is, which offshore jurisdiction is providing you with what you look for.!!
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    Questions about starting an Offshore Company

    Some of the comments here look just stupid, sorry to say it :) I was wondering if it's possible to get the money out without a loan agreement and more like salary payment and just pay tax in my country?
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    Got troubles with creditors need immediately solution to hide assets!

    Did this work? I have send you a PM in the hope to get some details from you if possible.
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    Top Tax Haven Countries Choices

    Thanks for sharing this information. Top Tax havens seem to be different than what I thought it was. I always thought it was countries like Panama and Cayman Islands.
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    Bahamas Offshore Bank Account For US Citizens

    I agree with you I think many there holds an account in the Bahamas!
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    Financial Freedom Offshore company formation

    Why should I.. I just wanted to let people know where they could buy his book!
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    Hong Kong Incorporation

    An Hong Kong incorporation is what I would consider if I'm looking at doing business in China, It would for sure make it more legit also if you want to get Hong Kong domain name and hosting a company incorporated in China / Hong Kong will be required.
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    Hong Kong Incorporation

    Lol how you can say it, I just think it :D
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    What Is An Offshore Banking Unit?

    Nothing else than a branch in another country of where the bank is headquartered. Some example of what an offshore banking unit is Offshore Banking Unit (OBU)
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    Many people like to incorporate offshore company

    Count me in I'm 100% certain that I want to incorporate a offshore company as soon as I have found the proper jurisdiction for my business.
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    Asset Protection Techniques

    To protect my assets is important once I have build up a lot of money and property so I already start planning all of it now and do my homework. One of the law firms I have been speaking with is Beaverton Estate Planning Attorney | Avoid Probate | Succession Planning they seem to be...
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    Where To Open An Offshore Bank Account

    I consider the Bahamas and Cyprus for bank account opening. I just need to figure out the requirements to get an account approved in the Bahamas.
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    Bahamas Offshore Bank Account For US Citizens

    The USA may be the country of unlimited opportunities but it is also limiting their citizens from total freedom. I think Bahamas banking for US citizens are popular because that's one of the only jurisdictions where it may be legit for them to open an offshore account!
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    Bahamas Banks Are A Great Offshore Option

    I'm not familiar with banking in Bahamas but it looks attractive to me. I'm looking at these guys: Cornèr Bank (Overseas) Limited 308, East Bay Street P.O. Box N-7134 Nassau/The Bahamas Tel. + 1 242 394 4977 Fax + 1 242 394 5264 Cornèr Bank Group e-mail: [email protected]
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    Is Opening My Own Offshore Account Illegal?

    At no point it is illegal to open an offshore bank account.