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    Cyprus bank white labeling Interactive brokers platform?

    Is there any Cyprus bank that white labels Interactive Brokers platform allowing trading via the Cyprus bank account? I read that there are banks in other EU countries doing this.
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    Churn offshore companies to dodge detection in eu home country

    Starting an offshore company with me as public shareholder, use it for one year and then close the company. I figure that there will not be any requests from my home country to the offshore location for at least one or two years after the incorporation date. Is the risk of getting...
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    Lower the tax, easiest country in EU to deduct business expenses

    Hello, Old reader, new writer on the site. Having read a ton of useful information on this wonderful site I have a question for the more knowledgeable in here. Having a company in EU will allow you deduction of business expenses related to the business. Some countries will question expenses to...