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  1. sialala

    Banks from Georgia - experiences and feedbacks

    Guys any feedbacks or experiances with these banks ? Which bank doesn't have problems with huge amounts , openning an acc for EU citizens etc. Any problems with accs or withdraws ? Every feedback is valuable. or maybe another country from non CRS will be better ? Cheers from sialala !
  2. sialala

    Set up for crypto trading

    Hello Fellas, I am looking for a good private set up for a crypto trading. I would like to trade crypto in huge amounts and I wouldn't pay any taxes in my fu**** thievish country - read 19%. I found some tips in threads about Seychelles ( whith nominee for full privacy) + EMI . What do You...
  3. sialala

    Belize company - how to check ?

    Hello everyone, As title said. Where can I check a company from Belize? Can You provide me with a government's site or something like that ? I would like to check if the company is registered and etc. Thank You for Your help.
  4. sialala


    Hey guys, Anybody knows there is any way to register an acc in bithumb ? Or do You know any service with an opening acc in S.Korea ?
  5. sialala

    I am looking for an offshore setup

    Hello everyone, Simple question - where can I find a reliable agent or any trusted company to buy an offshore setup ? I am interested in Belize or something similar in costs. I need it for e-commerce business. Thank You for advices.
  6. sialala

    Offshore and paying out the money

    Hello everyone, I am new here and I am newbie in the business of an offshore companies and etc. I would like to start my own e-business in one of EU country. An one of the most bureaucratic and taxed state in Europe. I am wondering about an offshore company in Belize for my business. I would...