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    Accept payments without revealing my real name

    I have a simple cloud-based computing service that I want to charge a monthly fee for. (Nothing unholy, it's related to sports betting, I just aggregate some data, do some computations and allow users to run simulations.) I expect to make a modest amount of money $20/month for the service...
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    Withdrawing money from about 40 UK PayPal accounts

    I have about 20-25 UK PayPal accounts, each with 500-1000 GBP, with more on the way. The PayPal accounts are OK, verified, etc. The problem is moving the money out. I have about 3-4 UK bank accounts (sort code+account number) which I can use to extract, but the issue is moving money to these...
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    How to extract cash from a credit card?

    Someone I know is writing a novel about a character who has 3 credit cards, with 20k limit each, and is planning on leaving the country, with no plans to return.. Supposing there are no plans on repaying the credit cards.. what is the most efficient way to turn the credit card limits to cash...
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    How to get phone numbers for Google Verification?

    I'm trying to open 50-100 gmail accounts, and the biggest problem is the phone verification. I will need a steady source of new phone numbers in order to achieve this. I have tried a few apps: * TextMe: Google won't accept their numbers * Hushed: It doesn't receive text messages from...
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    UK citizen with bank account in Georgia

    If a UK citizen has a bank account in Georgia which is receiving money from paypal and ecommerce, will the Georgian bank report this to the UK?
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    What happens if you don't verify your number in PayPal?

    If you have a paypal with a fake number, is it worth changing the number to a real one? I've been skipping the verification prompt every time I log on, but I'm a little concerned about the day they force me to verify... Can I change the number to a new one without first verifying the old number?
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    Anyone having trouble with Revolut?

    I wanted to create a Revolut account as I need something that gives me a UK sort code and account number, I have already created one a few months ago, as has a close friend of mine. My other friend just tried to create one and it doesn't seem to work anymore. It just says that we are not...
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    Hello everyone

    I have been lurking for a while, but decided to make an account.. look forward to exchanging ideas with you...
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