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    List of Banks, EMI's, Payment processors and BTC to FIAT institutions.

    Since they are gaming friendly, do they accept IBCs or applicant companies must be EU/EEA?
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    Maltese Limited EU SEPA account

    For corporate account.... Are they crypto friendly? Do they accept any non EU jurisdictions?
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    Offshore trust holding crypto?

    Funny you post this topic, was just reading an article about this. Good read. Crypto Trust in Cayman Islands
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    Globally - New residency program for remote workers

    Martin, I believe Bahamas has something similar in the works with the annual residency but as usual always late to the party not to mention they will figure a way to mess everything up anyway.
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    Exchanges allowing FIAT payments to third parties using a 100% crypto wallet as source

    Ramp - is on ramp Mooni - off ramp to SEPA but uses bity platform mentioned above
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    Hello. Interested in the crypto casino. Can you msg me some contact details.

    Hello. Interested in the crypto casino. Can you msg me some contact details.
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    EU Blacklist updated - Bahamas, Panama, Mauritius

    Oh, and let's not forget about the crime. Even though mostly contained to lower income areas the murder rate and violent crime is quite high for such a small place. The harder times will get the more the crime will get worse. It's quite sad because in reality it is a beautifull place even...
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    EU Blacklist updated - Bahamas, Panama, Mauritius

    Tourism worldwide will be down considerably for a little while but The Bahamas will be hurt even more than most. Cruise lines are in shambles. Atlantis is aged and needs considerable upgrades. Bahamar is nice and fancy but is just a Vegas resort on a beach. Waterparks will only bring...
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    EU Blacklist updated - Bahamas, Panama, Mauritius

    European Blacklist Updated EU threatening Bahamas to implement corporate tax Seems the EU is moving the goal posts again, asking for more concessions. Are any of these countries (Bahamas, Panama, Mauritius, Barbados) just going to stand up and tell them to screw off or all will keep rolling...
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    Company for gambling affiliate marketing

    This is 100% spot on. The "grey" area sportsbook/casinos are huge in BTC in general so it shouldnt be a problem. I guess it"s it's a catch22 cause you will post next "structure to cash out BTC?" I guess that's a easier problem to solve these days. Alternatively, Skrill is still very popular...
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    Reviews Falcon Private Bank please?

    Very early supporter of crypto, I believe early to mid 2018. Works with Bitcoin Swiss and should be 500 or 1m minimum for account opening. Or least it was.
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    B2BPay Opinions, Facts and Fantasy

    Products and services look good. Web site is so/so, but the over SEO optimization makes the entire operation look like a cheesy chinese-style 3d rate replica purse shop. SEO is must but you need to scale it back a little it's overwhelming your important business content.
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    Limits of a nominee director and betting company feasibility

    Betfair refuses customers from many countries due to gambling license regulations.
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    How to Avoid CRS - 3 Options as of 2019

    Even better if your 2nd residency country has no agreements to receive any information. It never gets sent back.
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    Any BANKERA feedback?

    At the end of the day, all these pervesk/bankera/vanuatu/europacific ... and the 36 new flavors of the month should be used for in/out transactions with minimal funds left inside. Consider these funds as donations somewhere down the line but will keep these places happy and your account open...
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    Travelex being held to ransom by hackers - Some banks affected

    If these are the people behind the FX kiosks etc... like at airports, I have no pity for them as they screw people on rates on a daily basis. They deserve it for their price gauging.
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