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    Confidential Bank Accounts (Remaining options)

    Anonymous bank accounts died with the Austrian Sparbuch some time ago, and banking confidentiality (ie that the bank does not snitch to the taxman) seem to be almost dead, but there are still some options open. Austria: Bank confidentiality remains in place for local residents. That is, they...
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    Challenge> Need to pay $1M without leaving trace

    Funds are 100% legit sitting in a bank account in a reputable jurisdiction. Recipient want payment to be untraceable ... or as close to it as is possible. Both parties want to minimize legal risks. So how would you go about it?
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    Personal Offshore Account in any EU bank - Basic Payment Account

    In theory, the Politicians have realized that they are leaving a lot of people unable to open bank accounts due to increased paperwork they are forcing upon the banksters ... thus to solve the problem they have introduced the Basic Payment Account which all retail banks must offer to homeless...
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    B2BPay Opinions, Facts and Fantasy

    I have been looking at B2BPay ... looks nice ... but is it operational? Experiences? I see they have joined the crowd here, so maybe get some additional info directly from the horses mouth so to speak.
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    Payoneer experience?

    Anyone have any practical experience with Payoneer they might share?
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